The Greenroom

How To Get Drop D All Over The Neck

A Little Trick Goes A Long Way For Creativity

You can spark creativity with the smallest adjustments. Try this trick to get Drop D tone all over the neck and see if you can kindle some fire.

Holy Harmonies

Take Jesus Reigns up a level.

This week I taught Holy Holy Holy (Jesus Reigns) by Highlands Worship. I loved the solo acoustic arrangement so much I decided to add some harmonies and open strings to create additional layers on the acoustic guitar. Check it out.

Should You Buy That Pedal?

A Helpful (and humorous) Flowchart

It's easy to get amped up about buying pedals but should you drop your hard earned cash on it? I've created this handy flowchart to help you decide.

Founder And Finisher

A Worship Artistry Exclusive

As much as I’d love to promote independent music on Worship Artistry, the truth is the level of quality varies dramatically. Often you can find a great song without a decent recording. Other times the production might be great but the song lyrics aren’t striking. Every once in awhile though, something wows you. Enter Founder And Finisher.

5 Resolutions To Make You An Awesome Worship Musician

We're bringing it in 2017

I love new year’s resolutions. Setting a few goals, writing them down and periodically coming back to the list is a great way to combat the quick passage of time. I’ve thought through this year and here are five that I think any worship musician can accomplish. Join me!

A Few Of My Favorite Chords

A little spice for your guitar life

There are some chords I just love to use. They are not always appropriate but it’s so satisfying when I can squeeze one in. In this post I’m going to show you a few of my favorites and some of the chords they match well with.

Play Bigger Leads

With This Simple Guitar Tip

Sometimes a little change can go a long way. In this video Jason shows you how to use droning notes to bump your leads up.

Go Ahead And Lose It

Just Find It Again

If you've ever lost your mind trying to nail a part. You are not alone. Take a lesson from the end of this video and know there is nothing fake about this moment.

Know When It's Worth It

Because Sometimes It's Not

This week I taught the song God Is On The Move. It's a guitar heavy tune that you'll probably hear at your missions conference for years to come. Things were cruising along nicely...and then this happened.

How To Adapt Lessons For Your Band

Lessons For The Big Band

I totally get why churches like to have large bands. It helps get volunteers involved and strips down how much each person needs to learn. These are valid reasons but musically speaking, more than a five piece is overkill. In fact, half the people in a large band never make it into the house mix.  (Your sound person won't tell you this but go ahead and try and pick out each instrument in the house mix) So how do you "add" parts to a Worship Artistry lesson? There are three main approaches.

How To Learn Songs By Ear

Rhythm Guitar Version

Being able to figure out any song comes with a lot of experience, but there is a process and a few tricks you can use along the way to help you develop your own ear. Here’s my approach for learning a song from scratch.

Fun Chord Shapes In The Key of B

"Bee". Get it?

Guitarists are always looking for different ways to play the same old chords. Try these in the key of B and learn how to use them everywhere else.

How To Play Lead Guitar With Feeling

Talking Technique

Ever wonder why you can play the same notes as someone else but not sound nearly as good? Chances are you're leaving out a couple of flourishes that make all the difference. In this video Jason shows you a few simple techniques to up your game.

5 Tips For The Graduates

If You Say That Right It Rhymes

This week two of my long time private guitar students graduated high school. One is going into audio engineering and the other is going to do some kind of engineering that actually makes money. (Just kidding, Bay).  It got me thinking about all our graduating Worship Artistry members, so I thought I’d pass along some tips to help you make the most of this next phase of life. It’s not all music-related, but it’s definitely all awesome-related.

5 Pearls Of Wisdom From Stuart Garrard

Truth From The Master

All opinions are not created equal. The thoughts of those who have extensive experience and success in a particular field should be given more weight. When it comes to playing guitar for worship, few opinions should carry more weight than Stu Garrard’s (Delirious, One Sonic Society, prolific studio musician).

5 Creative Ways To Use 2 Electric Guitars


At Worship Artistry we arrange master recordings to be played by a 5-piece band, but what do you do when you have 2 electric guitar players on the same stage and all the main parts are covered? In this post, I’m going to give you some tips on ways to get the most out of the pairing. 

How To Create and Arrange Lead Guitar Parts with Stu G

Episode #15

What an incredible time with Stu Garrard. We've included more than 3 questions because we enjoyed the question time so much. Give this one a listen to learn about the process of lead guitar arrangement, the parts that matter and the tone that makes it all scream.

5 Ways To Change Up Your Playing

Jump The Tracks

Last Sunday I reached into my guitar case to pull out my capo and found I had left it at home. It ended up being a blessing as the whole set took on a fresh feeling as I approached with alternate forms on the neck. It got me think about breaking out of the ruts I get in. Here are a few of my favorite ways to force myself to switch it up.

An Easy Lesson Learned The Hard Way

Learn from my mistake

I love Matt Redman. I mean, I don’t know him personally, but out of all the worship songwriters out there, his songs tend to connect with me the most. They speak truth, they come from a place of honest humility and they are generally really well-written. “Abide With Me” is no exception. In fact, on an album of great songs I thought it was one of the greatest and looked forward to teaching it on Worship Artistry, but then this happened…

Why Does It Work?

Dissecting the chorus of Christ Is Enough

When it comes to the nuts and bolts of guitar playing, I've always started with the how and then followed up with the why. I had a great question in the Guitar Discussion Forum about the lead work in Hillsong Worship's "Christ Is Enough". Why do the shapes work anyway?