Billie Jean Groove

Billie Jean in worship? Absolutely.

Music principles transcend genre and a groove that shines in one song can be adapted to another. In this post I'll teach you how to play the riff from Billie Jean and apply it to your next worship set.

Try out the Billie Jean riff in these songs


Tempo: Up

Song Key: B

Blessed Be Your Name

Artist: Matt Redman

Rediscover just how great this song is to play.

Pretty simple tune. Dig into that pocket.

Easy to play with some nice harmony substitutions.


Tempo: Up

Song Key: B

Everlasting God

Artist: Lincoln Brewster

While the lead gets crazy, the rhythm is not near as intimidating.

Carry that energy all the way through.

Nice riff parts.

Lay down some pads and let the other guys do the work.

Daniel Ornellas, worship leader in the band "The Worship Republic" is originally from South Africa. He moved to the US with his band Tree 64 and has toured and recorded with numerous worship artists. He produces records and lives in Nashville with his wife Samantha and their two kids and is the bass instructor for Worship Artistry.

Billie Jean Groove

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I love Billie Jean

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