Meet Daniel

He's all about that bass.

We've been hinting for awhile we are adding new instruments to Worship Artistry.  What better way to get to know the new teachers than by having them dish on their teaching philosophies and most embarrassing moments?  First up we welcome Daniel Ornellas on bass.  

Daniel has played with the likes of Brenton Brown, Paul Baloche, Tree 63, The Worship Republic...the list goes on.  He's also originally from South Africa so he is by far the coolest sounding Worship Artistry teacher.  As a way of introducing Daniel, I thought I'd ask him a few personal questions.

How did you get involved with playing worship music?  I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa as the son of a pastor in a musical family, so it was inevitable that I would end up playing on the worship team.

Music is more art than math.

The number of guitarists covering bass seems to outnumber actual bass players.  What led you to choose bass as your primary instrument?  I went on a youth camp in Zimbabwe and there was a great bassist that led worship from the bass and got me fired up to learn the bass.  He was way cooler than the guitarist...

Can you briefly describe your teaching philosophy?  I believe that music is more like art than math and so the simpler you approach the song, the more chance you have of letting the song breathe. I want my students to be fans of music more than fans of the bass. That way they use the bass to make the music awesome as opposed to making the music an opportunity show off all their bass tricks. Students who love music and love the instrument are inspired to come back every day to master it because they want to contribute from a place of skill and knowledge.  I'm just here to give them the tools to achieve that.

Best advice? Play for the song!  Music is a team sport.

Alright, time to get personal.  What was your most embarrassing moment playing music?  Ok, so my bass amp broke just as my family started playing at a massive concert. It was just acoustic guitar, bass and vocals and I just decided to jump on the drum kit that was on the stage and play drums instead.  What I didn't realize was that the two worship songs my dad had chosen to play were a shuffle. It never went well!!  My dad eventually shouted at me to “GET OFF THE KIT!!” much to my disastrous embarrassment!

Where can I find you when you aren't playing music?  Hanging with my wife and two kids or if I've got the opportunity, surfing.

Anything else you'd like to say to our community?  Yes!  Bass isn't just a big guitar.  If you learn to play it well, it gives the band a heartbeat.  I really believe Worship Artistry is an incredible music teaching tool and can't wait to incorporate bass into it.  These lessons are going to blow your mind!  You can do it!  Sign up to my email list below to be the first to know when they go live.

I Want To Be Awesome!

Alert Me When Bass Lessons Are Live

I couldn't have said it better myself.  The comment section is open so please give Daniel a warm welcome.  He'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Daniel Ornellas, worship leader in the band "The Worship Republic" is originally from South Africa. He moved to the US with his band Tree 63 and has toured and recorded with numerous worship artists. He produces records and lives in Nashville with his wife Samantha and their two kids and is the bass instructor for Worship Artistry.

Meet Daniel

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Welcome to Worship Artistry as a new instructor. I'm currently working on improving my skills with acoustic guitar. Maybe when I get more proficient with my acoustic, I can take some bass lessons from you. What's your opinion on acoustic bass guitars?


Awesome! I started on acoustic guitar too. Whenever you can, use bar chords in the E and A shapes because that will help you learn your notes on the E and A string which will be great foundations for bass playing. I'm assuming you're talking about an acoustic bass (shaped like an acoustic guitar as opposed to an upright bass). As far as acoustic basses go, I think they are great but like any tool, they have a specific purpose and you have the added problem of potential feedback. If you have folky style worship or a small quiet band I'd say go for it. If your band is bigger with amps and lots of stage volume I would say start on electric bass. Great to connect! Enjoy!

Welcome Daniel!

So Pumped for the bass lessons. I've gotten way better at guitar even tho I learned bass first. These bass lessons will be just what i need!


great news! Psyched to roll them out for you!


Welcome Daniel! Having bass lessons available as well as guitar and drums is going to really help my team to grow and expand. Thanks in advance :)

Great news

Man that fires me up. It is good to know that the team will benefit!


I'm so glad that the bass is being introduced


This is like the best news. Ever. I have been using Worship Artistry for a month or so, and am very excited for the bass to be added to it. My drummer and I have already benefited greatly from Worship Artistry and I know my bassist and keyboardist will love it too!


Looks like it will help the whole band! That is great news.


Can't wait til the lessons roll out. My first instrument was bass and it will always be my go to! Looking forward to see the bass lessons drop!

And drop they will

Stoked to be a help!


Welcome to Worship Artistry. Looking forward to your lessons.

Bass selection

Wondering if you put out a short video on picking out a bass?

Picking out a bass

Hey Joe,
I have not done one yet but I will do one by the end of this month. We will let you know.

Right on....Fantastic

Glad you're on board and looking forward to your song lessons. I love your grounded approach to playing bass. Very straightforward and song supporting. You and Rossback get it...relax and stay in your lane,

Let's Do This!

After taking off several years playing bass after college, I'm excited to come back to the instrument I've always loved. I've been motivated to get back up to speed and grow quickly because of a need in my church for a bassist to add to the rotation.

Thanks for everything. I've loved Worship Artistry so far as a new member. Keep churning out the great content. God bless.

New to the bass

OK, so a year ago the Lord spoke to me and it was very clear that I was to play the bass. I did not know the first thing about it, and I mean nothing. However, I went and bought a bass. I am amazed at what I have learned, but I struggle really bad because no one can tell me or even show me anything. Everything I have learned is all from Google and YouTube. I do not read music and everything is by ear. I am hoping that this site will be everything I need without making it complicated (which I have found happens a lot) so any one with advice would is greatly appreciated. I look forward to learning more

....In mysterious ways...

I picked up the bass less than two years ago and love playing it and the whole process of learning such an amazing instrument. The leaders of my church group are on me EVERY week about joining them, but I always try to excuse myself for a host of reasons, which are mostly lead by uncertainty and doubt. Last night we had a different bass player who had a beautiful technique and soulful tone, and we chatted for thirty minutes after service and he inspired me even further about joining the group. When I got home, however, I found a link to THIS site on FB page and my jaw dropped! I immediately signed up and saw some of the amazing thoughts for all instruments, but especially the bass. Yeah, I suppose I'll be working with the group in the near future, but that is probably a good thing. See, the Lord does work in mysterious ways! Thanks for the nudge...