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Improvise in your F# Minor Pentatonic

Here's a five-note Minor Pentatonic Scale for the key of A that's ready for you to dig into. Any of these notes will feel cool around an F# minor chord, as you dig in and improvise when you hit that relative minor. Move up and down the neck on these for added interest and depth.

Here's what it looks like:

Try it here in Mosaic's Tremble

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major or minor

Hi Daniel,

Do you mind explaining to me how an Am works with what seems to be an A major pentatonic? I see that you are using the F#m (relative minor) and that makes sense to me.


Hi Sherena

Looks like we mis-titled it. It's fixed now.

Where Can I put this scale?

Hi, Daniel

I was watching the video and around 0:43 you said that this would go nice around an A minor chord. In the description above the video it says this could go over a F# minor chord. Does it work over both, or am I just to much of a novice to fully understand what you meant.


It is an F# minor pentatonic. Which is in the relative minor of A major not A minor. I was probably tired and said A minor. Great Catch. Thanks so much