Riffs at the Ready

Pull them out when you need them.

Learn these versatile 1 chord to 5 chord riffs from Phil Wickham's Living Hope but keep them in your back pocket for other songs.  They fit with quarter or eighth note bass lines and in slow or faster tempos.  Handy little transitions to keep around in your bass toolkit.  

Try them out today in these songs:

Build Your Kingdom Here

A high energy romp. Get your strum on!
Super simple grooves for this one!!
Mumford and sons vibe, super fun and great passing tones in the bridge!
Easy, Easy, Easy! Get ready to diamond your chords!
Song Key: 

Living Hope

So many guitar layers and finger picking for acoustic.
Some simple supportive grooves until we get to lay it down at the end.
pretty straight with some nice riffs at the end.
Pretty simple.
Living Hope
Song Key: 

What A Beautiful Name

Time to get plucky
This ones a fun one!!
Groove on the Chorus!
Great reverb piano!!!
Song Key: 

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