Setting The Tone For Christmas

Tips & Tricks

Traditional songs often have really interesting, even tough changes in them. If you are playing them from a chart without any references, keep your tone warm. Just mark out the changes without trying to groove too much.

Most Christmas songs are really familiar and some people are even used to hearing them a cappella, so add what you can to support rather than distract. For songs like these, sometimes familiarity, tradition, and celebration are more important than a sweet groove at the bottom.

This is true except if you're playing songs that are modern versions, like many of the ones on our site. For instance, Born Is the King and He Shall Reign Forevermore allow for a little more groove in the bass line.  If you are a bass player looking for a challenge, play Joy to the World by Hillsong, off their new record called The Peace Project. It's a doozy.

Merry Christmas!

Joy To The World

Couple simple lead riffs and light acoustic work.
This one is pretty fun!
This is a mouthful... Its super fun and really challenging but I believe in you...
Clear ringing tones.
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Born Is The King (It's Christmas Time)

Another upbeat Hillsong original. Lots of joy in this one.
Fun upbeat Christmas tune!
Straight quarter note groove
Bells, Flute, and an Accordion!
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He Shall Reign Forevermore

Acoustic matches the strings and crank your reverb
More toms!!
Great bridge part.
Let the arpeggiator do the work!!
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