The Best Practice Tool You're Not Using

Selfie Sticks

Video recording myself helps me check everything from my posture (which tends to be horrible), to my playing (too busy?) to how I'm engaging with others from behind the kit.

I've been thinking this week about how seeing myself play can affect how I play. Before I started teaching for Worship Artistry, I was heavily involved in the worship scene in my hometown, playing with a couple of bands, and doing some drum covers from time to time. Because of this, there's usually plenty of footage for me to critique.

Seeing myself play can affect how I play.

One thing I've gotten better with since I first started playing was looking down. I used to look down the whole time and not show any emotion, but that can be a turnoff, especially in a worship service. I think it's important to look ahead and interact with your band mates and actually be alert to see what's going on. It makes you look like you know what's going on instead of looking nervous and closed up.

Recording Revelations

So, I want to challenge you to video your next performance, whether it's a weekend gig, church service, or just in your room practicing. If all you have is a cell phone that's totally cool. It doesn't have to be front and center. It could be behind you or to the side. Just set in a good spot to be able to get a good view so you can critique yourself.  Let me know what you notice. 

Josh Ward is a versatile drummer of 18 years and heavily involved with the worship team at Marcus Pointe Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL. He is a husband to Rosie, dad to Amos and drum instructor for

The Best Practice Tool You're Not Using

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Ill defiantly try this and let you know what befits I find. I have just started playing drums and think it will be a great help to start good practices before bad habits begin.


do you think you could do a video about it

Mini cam suggestions?

Thank you for the article. I've been wanting to see/hear myself for purposes of getting better. I play for our Celebrate Recovery where anonymity is imperative, so a small non-obtrusive mini cam would work best. Plus, I don't want anyone, including my bandmates, to think I am filming myself for any other reason other than to self-critique to become a better bandmate.

So any minicams you can suggest would be helpful.