3 Awesome Guitar Videos To Inspire You

Inspired Playing From The Greats

Everyone needs a little inspiration. I often find if I'm uninspired it's because I'm not filling my creativity well with the work of other creatives. I stumbled down a YouTube hole last night and couldn't wait to pick up my guitar this morning. Here are some of my favorites.

Alexandr Misko

Shout out to Marcos Suazo for posting this to my Facebook page. The crazy thing is I HATE this song. The sax riff has annoyed me since I was a kid, but I could watch this for hours on end. It's not just the arrangement, but the art with which he plays it. Also, what is this kid, like 12?

Mark Knopfler Talks About Guitars

Mark Knopfler was the lead singer for Dire Straits and is a guitarist's guitarist. Listening to him talk about why he loves each guitar will make you want to cradle your own.



Hey Joe - Joscho Stephan Trio

I love the original. It's still one of my go to lead guitar riffs, but these guys take it to a whole other country. Get through this performance without a smile. I dare you. They are having so much fun it's contagious. I love how they don't lay all their cards on the table, but build the difficulty throughout the song.



You've got to draw from something. Don't let the work of learning steal the joy of music. It's always there to be had.

Jason Houtsma serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA, Husband to Alli, Father to Bjorn and Asher, and guitar instructor for WorshipArtistry.com

3 Awesome Guitar Videos To Inspire You

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Is that supposed to inspire? It makes me want to see how much I could get for my gear on Reverb.com. Man, all of those are some really impressive playing. Thanks for sharing!

That's how I felt

when I first saw Burlap To Cashmere live. The guy was just so out of my realm. I had to let go of the idea it was some kind of contest to be the best and simply be in awe and enjoy it. Misko is a certain kind of player. Josko is a certain kind of player. You're a certain kind of player. Don't try to be like them, just enjoy the goodness and pick up your guitar :)