How To Find Treasure In Your Music Trash Can


At Worship Artistry we are always adding new content as well as backfilling our older guitar lessons with additional instruments. With over 400 lessons it’s no small task! A few weeks ago I noticed something.

We were updating “Lead Me To The Cross” by Hillsong United. When we dig waaaaaaaaayy back into the archives I sometimes have to make updates or in some cases reshoot the entire lesson.  The first things I noticed when I was reviewing the tutorial were how bad the color and lighting were, how different the lesson format was and how tired I looked. Ah, the good old days. After deeming the lesson worth a full reshoot I got to work. Then I noticed something else: the song was really good. How had I forgotten this tune?

Old song doesn't equal bad song.

Forgotten too soon

The truth is it was easy. As a musician I’m always looking to that next song, next record, or next band. My wife used to marvel at how excited I could be to make an album and then be totally over it by the time it was actually released. As a worship leader though, I have to mindful of the people I’m leading. Just because I’m over a song doesn’t mean my congregation is. “Old” doesn’t equal “bad’. Lead Me To The Cross is a good song. I do everyone a disservice by tossing it into my permanent trash bin.

I do everyone a disservice by leaving good songs in my trash bin.


We have over 400 songs on this website. FOUR HUNDRED! What are the chances there are some older tunes on your trash heap that might really connect with your congregation today? I’d venture to say pretty good. Don’t despise the old. Take the time to dig through that trash heap and I guarantee you'll find some treasure.

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Old and New Songs

I love the old and the new!!! I especially love some of the Old songs.. they were birthed from the trials and tribulations the songwriters endured and speaks of their dependency on God. one example is, " it is well with my soul." H.G Spafford pinned those words near the spot where his daughters had drowned at sea. I have a book that tells the stories that inspired the songs and although I have spent a lifetime singing those songs in church... I have a deep appreciation for them now... and I love how they are rewritten into some of the new songs.... LOVE


we love you too! And you are so right. Those kind of stories actually make great introductions to songs for the congregation.


What book is that Judy? I'd love to know so I can get my hands on a copy. I already knew the story of "It Is Well With My Soul" but that doesn't mean I know all of the stories :-) Thanks, Jesus bless!

I've got one called

Then Sings My Soul by Robert J Morgan. Here's a link: