How To Get Drop D All Over The Neck

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A Little Trick Goes A Long Way For Creativity

You can spark creativity with the smallest adjustments. Try this trick to get Drop D tone all over the neck and see if you can kindle some fire.

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Cut capo

Thanks Jason,
Would it be possible to do a video like this with a cut capo? I just got one a few weeks ago so still working it out. I used it for the solo acoustic guitar part you made for "O for a thousand tongues" and it sounds really nice. I used it with the double capo like you suggested here for other songs also but would love to get some more ideas to use the cut capo.


That's actually my next blog post. Been messing with one myself.

Nice looking forward to it!

Nice looking forward to it!

Drop D without retuning...

This is way cool. Thank you so much.


how the littlest tricks can be so inspiring.

Wow this lessons are

Wow this lessons are great man

Glad you enjoyed it

I've got one got one coming up on cut capos that I think will be equally as interesting.