The Finish Line

I can see it

2018 has been a challenging year here at Worship Artistry. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Great ambition always meets great resistance. Time to learn some lessons.

Big Dreams

This year we had a lot on the docket, not the least of which was a full mobile update. When Worship Artistry started, Netflix was still sending you DVDs in the mail and you could reach every corner of your smartphone screen with your thumb. This year we've been developing our mobile site. Developing it is kind of an understatement. We're reinventing the way you will learn songs online and guess what? We’re 85% of the way there! We could probably release it right now, but our motto isn’t “Bring your good enough." It’s “Bring your best." We’re bringing ours and the wait is going to be worth it. Still, I hate waiting.

Our motto isn't "Bring your good enough."

This year we also began production on vocal lessons with Shelby Rollins. Shelby isn’t just a great singer. She’s a pro vocal coach. Her lessons are incredible and we can’t wait to launch them. The launch is just around the corner, but I want it to be here now. I’m sure you’ve never felt like that.

Great ambition always meets great resistance.

2018 also brought it share of personal struggles. We're not some big company who only cares about the bottom line. We're a small, tightknit team that cares deeply about one another. When one hurts we all feel it and we've all taken turns lifting one another up this year. Life happens and sometimes it slows you down. It's okay.

Big Lessons

So I’m learning patience. I’m learning God sees the big picture and He’s strengthening us for that sprint across the finish line. It’s right there. Momentum is building. Worship Artistry is going to look really different this time next year. We’re grateful for the community we have here and we're committed to serving you better everyday. We couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for cheering us on. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Jason Houtsma serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA, Husband to Alli, Father to Bjorn and Asher, and guitar instructor for

The Finish Line

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Excited with you!

Thank you for this update-- I will continue prayers towards this growth. I am SO excited about the addition of vocal coaching to come! Thank you ALL for your hard work. God bless you all and Merry Christmas!

Thank you

Thanks for the update and for all that you and the Worship Artistry team do. I'm new to the site this year and I'm excited about what you guys are doing. I look forward to a great 2019. God bless.


is going to be awesome!

God Bless You!

I'm just one guy struggling to play alone for small groups - homeless church, my bible study and Celebrate Recovery. Not being a pro, it takes more work than I have time for to just get a song where I can lead a small group with it. Your site enables me to get there so much better....and faster. I can't even tell you.

Tonight, I got setup with "you say". A couple more practices and I'll have it.

I can really use vocal help. I AM SO EXCITED to hear those lessons are coming.

Thank you for persevering! Your work is helping his kingdom in Phoenix AZ!

Thank YOU!

We love hearing how you're using us for your ministry. Vocals are coming and they are going to be awesome. Thank you of using your gifts to lead others in worship.