(Video) Worship Artistry Patches on the POD HD500X

We know many of you use the Line 6 Pod HD500X, so we created a patch for this specific pedal board that matches our setup in the Worship Artistry studio.

Watch the video for a walkthrough of our ideal worship patch for this pedal and then download the patch!

In this video we go through all eight of the sounds in our POD HD500X worship patch. Note that Jason is running his guitar on mono in the video below.  If the signal line is actually split, you may need to make an adjustment there.

Our POD HD500X Patch Settings

Amp Model - Class A-30 TB

Expression: Volume

FS1: Compression Boost

FS2: Tube Screamer (Palisades)

FS3: Pitch Slide (Organizer facsimlie)

FS4: Light Quarter Note Delay (Tap Tempo)

FS5: Light 8th Note Delay (Tap Tempo)

FS6: Loud Dotted 8th Note Delay (Tap Tempo)

FS7:  Heavy Hall Reverb (Holy Grail - Great for ambient tones and tremolo picking)

FS8:  Light Reverb that mixes well with everything

Share Your Patches

We know a bunch of you have made your own patches for specific songs and have some great ideas on how to get the most out of this piece of gear.  Pease feel welcome and encouraged to post links to your patches and offer tips in the comments section below.  

If you just fell in love with the HD500X and have to have it, please use this link to purchase.  This helps us keep these kind of posts coming and is greatly appreciated!

*Update: Ironide923 was kind enough to adapt this patch to the HD500.  You can download it here.


Worship Artistry exists to help you bring your best in worship, whatever your skill level. We are an online worship teaching resource that features 5-piece, label-approved arrangements, tutorials, and technique lessons for guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and vocals. Our library includes over 500 licensed worship songs by over 100 artists– including Hillsong, Passion, Bethel, Elevation, and more, with transposable tabs, sheet music, and chord charts. Try it out for free!

Jason Houtsma is the co-founder and guitar teacher at Worship Artistry, where he is helping musicians of every level answer the call to worship with passion and confidence. Jason has been leading worship and writing music since he was 15 years old and currently serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA. He is husband to Alli and father to Bjorn and Asher.

(Video) Worship Artistry Patches on the POD HD500X

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Tone Tips/Tricks that I have used

Here are a few tone tips that can make a big difference in sound and feel of the Pod 500X.

1. Play with the Amp and Cab parameters. Sag and Bias can be the difference in a good patch and a great patch. You can give an amp a tight feel or a loose feel depending on playing style and dynamics wanted.

2. If you're only using a guitar, set "input 1 source" to GUITAR and change "input 2 source" to Variax. Leaving input 2 as "same" has an effect of driving the amp harder for some reason. Setting it to Variax reduces the added push on the amp and cleans up your tone a bit.

3. If running in mono, in the mixer set Path A and Path B to center. This will boost your volume and signal a bit. No need for the panning if not running stereo.

Those are some of the things that I have used to make my patches sound better, at least to me. Hope these help anyone using a 500X.

2 > 1+1 (Stereo is more than twice as good)

Nice job with this Jason. This is great for anyone just getting started. The HD500x has so many options it can be a little daunting.

I've done a lot with this in the area of dual amps. The HD500x is a stereo unit, and you can actually run two amp models with effects simultaneously.

I use that two different ways. One way is literally having two different amp models, panned left and right. My favorite model for this is Class A-30 TB (AC30) to the left, a "Plexi Lead 100 Normal" (Marshall Plexi) to the right. Stick a very short, 100% delay in front of one of the amps for better stereo separation (one signal reaches your ears slightly later), and you have sweet stereo bliss. Here's a link to that patch:

The other way to use this capability is to run the same amp model in both sides--but micing them differently. It's an old analog recording studio trick that translates very well to the digital world. Quite often I'll have the exact same model, same settings and mic one with an SM57 on-axis, mic the other with an SM57 off-axis. This little trick can really add life to your sound, and is why you see always multiple mic's in those rig rundowns you see on line. Here's a link to an AC30 mic'd that way:


Would you be willing to do something like this for the Fender Mustang amps? I use the Mustang Floor.

Line 6 how to change between FS 5-8 and ABCD

Hey Jason, I just got a 500x board yesterday, and still learning. And this might be a really simple thing, but I don’t know how to change from the FS 5-8 mode to th ABCD. Currently it’s in ABCD mode and don’t know how to change the mode so that I can use your sounds and way of using the board. Thanks for your help.

Worked it out..

Thanks Jason for this ...

HD500 even better deal now

My go-to patch for the HD500 can be found here: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/861595/

Similar to Jason's setup above, but only one delay and one reverb to fit within the DSP constraints of the HD500. I have copies of the patch with different delays or special effects for specific songs as needed, but use this one probably 90% of the time.

With the introduction of the HD500X, prices on the original HD500s dropped considerably. If you don't need the extra DSP headroom in the 500X (really only an issue if you want to do dual-amp patches), save yourself a couple hundred bucks and go for the HD500 - you won't regret it.

Great Post

This is so helpful. Thank you guys.

Glad to see you do this

Glad to see you do this Jason. I'll try your patch and see how I like it compared to some of my own. One of my favorite features is how two pedals can be assigned to one footswitch. This enables me to turn on one effect while simultaneously turning off another (or turn on two at once, etc). Really handy in songs like Nothing is Impossible or Only King Forever that use heavy effects in certain parts but not in others.

I have several patches on Customtone as well. They can be found here:


thinking of getting the hd500x

How could I use the worship artistry patch when plugging the hd500x into my fender hot rod deluxe? What would my amp settings be?


Go with a clean tone on the amp. You may have to make a few adjustments to dial it in but the Pod should take care of most of it.


You'd need to make them as clean as possible. Or you can turn off the amp-modelling in the POD and still use the Fender as the amp. The POD really makes it so you don't need an amp though. I use it direct into the PA and use a wedge as a monitor.

Avid eleven rack

How about a patch for the avid eleven rack users?

Sag and bias controls?

I have been using a POD HD500 for a couple of years and have to say that I still don't quite understand the sag and bias control options. What's a "tight" or "loose" feel for an amp and how does that sound? I don't know if I have a good enough ear or feel to tell the difference.

It's a safe bet

that if you can't tell the difference your listeners probably can't either.

X3 live patch won't load into HDedit ( l6t files )

I haven't had any problems with HD500 patches ( h5e extension ) loading into HDEdit for my hd500x, but it won't accept X3 Live files even if renamed. You have a nice pedalboard there Jason. I just got through selling all my pedals, and my small tube amp. At NorthLake Community in Bellingham the other electric players use the church's XT Live boards with no amps.

Only the drummer gets to make as much racket on the stage as he wants But I digress. Currently running sound and drummers have a special place in my heart. :-)


running out of line6 pods..

Is there any change in the signal quality if the pod is run directly into PA system using the xlr or regular quarter out on the back of the pod? Thanks..

Try both

Probably depends more on your church's PA than anything on the POD. Try both and go with whatever sounds best. The main difference between the XLR and 1/4" outputs on the POD is that if you only plug in one 1/4" output cable it will automatically combine the signal into mono. The XLR outputs do not combine, so if you only plug in one XLR output you'll only get one side of the signal chain, which won't sound right if you have dual-path signals or stereo effects going on.

Single 1/4" out is a combined

Single 1/4" out is a combined signal? Where is this documented? I've been taking both 1/4" into a mini stereo to mono mixer so I could have two single combined lines: one for our board (which isn't stereo) and one for my stage monitor. This could really simplify things for me. But I can't find it mentioned in any of the Line6 docs. Thanks.


XLRs are typically at mic level, so they will not be as "hot" as using a 1/4" cable into a DI box. If you are going to use a single XLR, be sure to tell the sound engineer it is at mic level, or make the necessary adjustments yourself. I use a 1/4" into a DI box and have found it is a much better sound than just using a single XLR.

The issue is you won't have stereo effects. So if you plan to have these, then you'll need two XLRs.

What about those of us still running the X3 Live?

Can you upload this patch to the POD X3 Live? I'm assuming not. Can we see the settings so we can do the patches manually? Or is the Jesus telling me I need a new board?!?! (I'm not sure my wife will buy that one) :)

Pod HD500(X) to tube amp

Just a tip: on the question of connecting the Pod HD500 to a tube amp: Line 6 recommends using the pre-amp version of the amplifiers, rather than the combo, or pre-amp + cab. I don't have the HD500X, just the HD500 and recently got a line6 DT 25 amp; using the pre-amp version of the amplifier makes quite a bit of difference in my case.

Also, here's a blog that talks about sag, bias, and bias excursion: http://blog.line6.com/2013/pod-hd-amplifier-extras%E2%80%94using-the-sag-bias-and-bias-excursion-settings/


Hello Jason,
I just want to talk a little about the HD 500X. I work at Guitar center and I have replaced a gigantic pedal board and all of the cables, power supplies etc.etc. that go along with such a rabid, maniacal beast(HAHAHA!!!) with one of these here handy devices. I too am a pedal and noise junkie and would not have it any other way. But I gotta tell you a guy or a gal for that matter can really dial up some monster tones with this super powered processor. I am more than pleased with mine. At our church we do the in ear thing for the stage, and this unit sounds amazing when set to studio/direct on the output setting. And once you deep edit the tubes etc. etc. (those of you who own one know the deal) forget about it it is a direct match to all kinds of expensive and in some cases unobtainable or unfindable amps. The trick that I have learned to this device is this. Line6 sells a speaker called the L2M and I also have a pair of them and together they are 1600 hundred crystal clear watts. I do not use them at my church but at other venues I have, and they will drowned out a 100 watt tube head and cab ( not that that is the goal) but well capable. Having said that they have the tube like punch needed to drop the hammer and bring it home. So if you are a guitarist, or bassist this can be a great affordable tool to really help you get a ton of great tones for a very fair price.(about the price of 3-5 good pedals)
I hope this helped anyone out there who is on the fence about one. IT IS WORTH THE $$$$$$.
Thank you brothers and sisters out there putting it in for Jesus every week where ever you are peace be in your life as the blessings of Jesus Christ fall upon you and your church.
Jeremy Chandler Az.
P.S. Jason how about some cool harmonizer patches they can be tricky what do you say maybe build a few if you have time. Maybe????

I haven't tried that speaker

but it sounds pretty awesome. I already gave back the Pod so it will be tough for me to hit up that harmonizer patch but if you've created something like that I'd love for you to share it in this thread.


Anyone out there that has a HD400?? I'm still trying to craft an ambient lush pad sound...not much luck...


Been trying to craft this sound for years now...nothing...nada...anyone can help on this thread????
maybe Jason can tell us what parameters, amps, effects, cabs etc he used on the HD 500 TO CREATE THE HOLY GRAIL sound...

wow ... this is a great tone!

Thanks for the patch and the video. I have had an HD500 for years and don't think I have another patch as good as this one. Recently I purchased a Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 and have been taking the amp modelers out of my patches, making it a pure pedal board. I did that with this patch and without any tweaking it sounds perfect. My worship leader will probably thank you too. ;)

So glad

you like it!


I don't know how I missed this. I'm currently using the HD500x direct into the board. No amps allowed on stage. I am seriously considering the Fractal Audio FX II XL. The AC30 patch is my favorite on the HD500X but it still seems less than organic to my ears. I also have the Eleven Rack but have not used it except in the studio. Keep up the good work guys!
steve stallings

So helpful!

Thank you for the effort Jason!

As always surpassing our expectations.

So glad

it's helpful!

Tones (/patches) for the LINE 6 POD HD 500X AC 30 TB

I have posted to Line 6 Custom Tone several patches for the 500X.

Hopefully this helps. Let me know. Thanks

Be Blessed!!!!


Awesome, Dean!

Thanks for doing that.

On Sale @ GC

I picked up a brand new pod hd500x yesterday a guitar center for $420. I originally bought it to save bumps and bruises on my expensive gear but honestly I was a little surprised how far these tones have come in the last couple years since I owned the pod 400. The church I play at has a pretty old sound system for now so it seemed pointless to lug all that gear around.

Question on this patch

I downloaded this patch to my HD500X. But when I select Pedal FS6 it changes the bank... How do I get it to not do that?

example: (A) is highlighted. FS1-FS4 work as intended. But when I select FS5(already highlighted) and FS6-8 it changes the bank.

How do I select Worship Artistry patch and utilize all?

Me too!

I just downloaded the file. Same thing happens to me... Tap FS 6 and it goes to another bank... Any suggestions?

Line 6 POD HD 500X

Hello WA....and fellow WA users.

I have posted to the Line 6 CustomTone web site a number of tones from Jason's lessons.
You can check them out. http://line6.com/customtone/browse/podhd500x/

You can search for either my user name ( dhewer ) or with words like Worship or Inspirational.

I was wondering if WA users are finding them helpful?

That is it.

Be Blessed...


Where is a good place to buy this?

HD500x PA

Any tips on running to pa? I cant get any overdrives to sound like normal overdrives. They just sound fizzy and digital. It is frustrating. Especially when I need to run direct but can not get it to sound good enough.


What were you using to monitor you tone in this video?
Also, I love your amp, boost and screamer settings, those have been the hardest part when adjusting the POD to sound full and "real". I have 4 guitar players at my church and they all ditched there own gear for the tones I setup in our POD at all of our campuses. I think it's time to mess with things and tweak for a better tone again, I'm going to use your amp settings and boost and go from there.

I must admit

that in the video I was running the pod through my AC30 (I was still kind of new at the whole gear thing) BUT I came up with all the settings on my computer and A-B'd them with against my videos so that amp model should be pretty dang close.

Thanks for all the help! Just a question on changing patches...

To Jason and everyone else - thanks for the patches and suggestions! I just officially moved from a Zoom G3X to an HD500X after trying one out for a month. Using your patches really helped me to evaluate if I could get the sounds I needed for church. Creating your own sounds from scratch can can be intimidating at first, and having these patches to build from really helped me to learn how to create the patches I need.

Does anyone know if there is a way to sequentially go through your patches for a set with only one click and no MIDI controller? The Zoom unit would allow me to put all my patch changes in a linear sequence and single click through them. I typically use anywhere from 10-20 changes on a Sunday morning, and it seems whether you are in F5-8 or ABCD mode, you sometimes have to click twice to get to the patch you need. I sing as well as play, so simplicity is key.

New to Pod

Hey, I just bought an old Pod XT and what I'm looking for is just a good explanation of what effect/settings you use for each piece.

So when you're running down the tones for a song you show your pedals but I have no idea how to translate that into something on the Pod. The Pod doesn't have your exact pedals and I don't know enough to know that this pedal does that effect to be able to track down a suitable substitute on the Pod XT.

Have you ever done a video run down of your gear, what it does, what different settings on the pedal change?


Your best bet

is to familiarize yourself with how each effect works and then learn how to adjust them on your pod. Here are some resources:



Using a Tube Amp in conjunction with the HD500x

So I'm looking at getting a Vox night train. I dont want to use any of the pods pre amps, just the Vox. Is it as easy as just turning of the cab and amp models on the patches and then plugging guitar>pod-in>mono out>guitar in. Or do I need to use the 4 cable method to get a quality sound. The Vox NT does not have and fx loop to my knowledge

I'm not actually sure

But I did you a Vox AC-30 for some of my vids and it sounded great.

Thanks for this!

Just wanted to say thanks for these presets. Got a great deal on the unit on eBay and it’s replacing a Digitech RP500. The learning curve is huge on this thing, and downloading this patch is helping me a ton. Plus, I need to use it for a set next Sunday, and I am super pumped about the tone I’m getting, especially for Who You Say I Am. Glad to be a member!

volume pedal

Hello! Thank you for making this patch. I just got the Pod and I was wondering; in your patch, the volume pedal only turns it down to a certain extent, to about 11 o'clock. How do you fix this? Thanks!

Volume pedal clarification

I just purchased a Pod HD500x and was really excited to use your patch. I also noticed that the volume pedal is tied to the amp, so that means you don't turn down any of the drive pedals with it. Just curious on the thought process of using that pitch shifter pedal on FS3 vs having a volume pedal at the front of the chain so you can control your whole signal chain volume? I'm looking forward to seeing how close I can match your tones as I get more used to it. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!

... with an acoustic?

I ended up buying this pedal before getting an electric... but I have a beautiful Martin 000-16 with lr Baggs m80 pick up. Jason, have you tried running your acoustic through it? I’d be interested in whether (and how) you made it work!