Is It Time To Leave the Woodshed?

Two months ago I was invited on a 72-hole golf weekend with three of my close friends. Here’s the problem: I’m terrible at golf With the trip coming up I decided it was time to dig in and learn how to do this thing for real. I only had a month so I decided to 'woodshed' it: lessons with a pro and the driving range 5 times a week. I didn't want to get anywhere near a golf course until I had learned to swing.

Well, I just returned from my trip and guess what? I shot par on the very first hole…and then not a single one after. Situations kept arising that I wasn’t prepared for. How do I hit on this hill? Why do I keep hitting behind the ball? I didn’t know how to make adjustments in a live scenario and it was killing my score. Fortunately, I’ve always played because I enjoy it and I was with great people, so it was still a blast.

In retrospect, I should have played a few rounds on a course while I was taking my lessons so I could experience different challenges and ask my teacher about them. I needed to confront different scenarios and learn how to adjust. Sure, I’d still play horribly but I would have been more prepared to play 72.

I didn't know how to make adjustments in a live scenario.


You can’t stay in the woodshed forever. I have so many students who are great at playing guitar alone in their bedrooms, but never venture out and play with other musicians. They never play in front of people. Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s lack of motivation, but there are things you don’t learn practicing alone. You have to get out and experience the real thing. Yeah, you’ll probably make a bunch of mistakes, but you’ll learn and be that much better the next time you step out.

Jason Houtsma serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA, Husband to Alli, Father to Bjorn and Asher, and guitar instructor for

Is It Time To Leave the Woodshed?

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Got out of the woodshed

This Sunday was the first time I played electric for my church. First, I couldn't have done it without the resources here, and the backing tracks recorded.

There are so many more lessons to learn when you're out of your basement and playing with others. Not going to lie, there were hiccups along the way, but I think that now I will need to keep practicing and playing with others.

Way to go!

There are always hiccups. Key is to bounce back. Way to get out there.

Line 6 Helix

Hi guys
Do any of you use the Helix yet, and if so do you plan doing any tips for it in your guitar tone sections in the future?
I’m just wondering as I’m always looking for quick ways out! I guess I’m a leader! Lol
God Bless.

Hi Kenny

I haven't gotten my hands on one yet. If I'm able to I'll put something together.