Producer Session with Loop Community

Patches, Stems, Omnisphere, and More

Ryan hosted a Facebook Live Producer Session with Loop Community.  He lets us in on how he uses Omnisphere to create patches for Worship Artistry and stems for Loop Community.  

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Can I run omnisphere on GarageBand?


I've never tried it but I've read that you can open it in Garageband. I would encourage you to purchase MainStage for $30 from the app store and use that over Garageband. But that's just me.


Yes, I would buy MainStage for live playing, but for recording I wouldn't want to have to buy more expensive software.

iPad mini holder on controller

Is that a custom iPad holder on your controller, ?

iPad holder

Sort of. It’s a piece of foam wrapped in gaff tape that I set on top of the controller. The iPad has two sticky pads on the back to keep it from sliding. The foam keeps buttons underneath it from being pressed when I touch the iPad.

Tr Omni

Sometimes , the Tr Omni app, patch slots get stuck ( choosing one that’s off doesn’t turn off the ones that are on ), that wouldn’t be good live , any settings that are better than others for Livemode?

Tr omni

I’ve not had it do that before. How are you connecting your iPad to your computer?

Tr connect

Ad hoc works on windows too, Tr connection great


good to know. I almost always use adhoc to connect my stuff.

Hey Ryan, where do I buy your patches?

I can't find them on the website


If the patches are currently available for a song, there will be a link on the right side of the page on the lesson page for that song. You can also go to to view the full list of patches currently available.

Organizing Omni

Would be good to know if there is a best way to arrange/change song sets and multis in Omni. It seems multis and patches are scattered all over ( for instance sharing is where you’ve allocated your patches), most show in user. One can cc the location via midi. Curious what u recommend?, thanx

Your use of an IPad to change patch s

I assume that that is an IPad on your keyboard. How do you get the patches onto the iPad to change them (or use them) and what program is used to accomplish this. I think that Omnisphere and some of the other VI programs are just MacOS programs. I do have the NI ultimate 11 library and the S61 Mk2 keyboard ( which is good in and of itself) but does not lend itself well to live performance.

Any suggestions as to additional apps, etc. I would like to use my IPad to change and use programs

PS we do use Multitracks a lot