Embrace Change

Keep an Open Mind

For the last few weeks I’ve been out on the Only Jesus tour, playing drums for Austin French. For this tour, we tried a very different setup in which I stand behind the kit, rather than sit behind it.  

Taking a Stand

Playing this setup definitely adds another element to our show, increasing engagement and energy, whether the audience realizes it or not. This particular setup reflects not only Austin's artistic intentions and what his style of music calls for, but also the energy and connection level of our set. While I wouldn't normally stand to play, I was open to trying something new in order to convey what the artist had in mind.

Be open to change and trying new things with a great attitude.

Everything Communicates

What I’m getting at here is that it’s not about us; it’s about keeping an open mind to serve the song, the people with whom we're working, and THE Artist.  Keep an open mind to trying new things. In this particular tour, the drum kit is up front with Austin, so the positioning helps connect with the audience and the energy elevates. If I were to be in the back on a kit, it would create an entirely different feel. I actually really enjoy playing this setup now; it’s a ton of fun. I’m also using a good bit of sampled sounds on a Roland SPD-SX as well, so it’s sort of a hybrid kit. 


The moral of the story is to be open to change and trying new things with a great attitude. Serve the Lord, the song, and the people you’re working with, and remember it’s not all about you. Who knows? You might end up liking it. 


Tempo: Up

Song Key: E

Chasing You

Artist: Bethel Music

Tasteful and aggressive lead guitar and we added some acoustic. Not your normal strum patterns.

You're going to need to work that four way independence.

Great groove in the intro and Chorus and I also taught the synth bass parts.


Tempo: Medium

Song Key: D♭

The Anthem

Artist: Planetshakers

Title says it all. Epic leads with simple acoustic parts. Watch the key change!

Every section changes. Seriously, every single one.

Nice loose groove with lots of parts to learn! You can do it!


Song Key: B

Here Comes Heaven

Artist: Elevation Worship

Great Christmas worship tune.

Get ready to count.

Lots of interesting counting bars but you can do it!

Josh Ward is a versatile drummer of 18 years and heavily involved with the worship team at Marcus Pointe Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL. He is a husband to Rosie, dad to Amos and drum instructor for WorshipArtistry.com

Embrace Change

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Austin French

I saw one of those live videos on youtube and I saw you. It's really cool. How did you get involved with Austin French? Why doesn't he have a full band?