The Greenroom

Transposable Tabs and Sheet Music

Every song, every key.

Your worship leader got a cold? Female vocalist taking the lead?
Transposable sheet music, tabs, and chord charts let you adjust your parts to fit this week's set. Check out the video to see it in action.

(Video) Everyday Vocal Warmup

Simple and effective warmup you can do everyday.

Worship Artistry vocal coach Chris Lockwood walks you through one of his favorite vocal warmups. Do it in the morning, on your way to church or anytime you want to lift your voice.

(Video) How to Make Bass Guitar Sound Like Synth Bass

Tricks of the trade

Daniel Ornellas, Bass Instructor for Worship Artistry, teaches you how to emulate the synth bass on an electric bass. Daniel demonstrates the bass guitar sound for Act Justly Love Mercy Walk Humbly by Pat Barrett from the album Act Justly Love Mercy Walk Humbly.

(Video) Complementing Ministry Moments on Keyboard

A helpful walkthrough of what and how to play during special ministry moments in a service.

A keyboard player can set a tone of reflection and reverence for a speaker. Worship Artistry's keyboard instructor, Ryan King, shows you how to play, or "pad", behind prayer, ministry, or spoken moments of a service.

(Video) Bass Riff on Evidence

Changing it up from the original recording.

You don't always have to stick to the recording and in this post I'll show you an extra change for you to play with.

A Few Of My Favorite Chords

A little spice for your guitar life

There are some chords I just love to use. They are not always appropriate but it’s so satisfying when I can squeeze one in. In this post I’m going to show you a few of my favorites and some of the chords they match well with.

Riff Ideas To Inspire Your Guitar Playing - Part 2

A New Way to Work Your Scales

A while back, we explored a triplet pull-of riff in Part 1 of Riff Ideas To Inspire Your Guitar Playing. In this video we work our way up and down the scale in note sets of three.

How To Record Worship Sets At Home

A Simple Guide to Good Audio and Video

With the current pandemic happening and social distancing in place it’s becoming increasingly difficult to live stream worship and create a full band experience. Worship Artistry has tried a number of different approaches and learned a lot from each new attempt. Our lead guitar instructor, Jason Houtsma, has recorded 3 song worship sets at home to show us some of his lessons learned along the way.

Riff Ideas To Inspire Your Guitar Playing - Part 1

Try this Triplet Pull-Off Riff

Hanging at home with extra time to work on guitar playing? We’ve had a bunch of requests in our Worship Artistry Guitar Player's Facebook Group recently for videos with ideas for new riffs to work on. In this tutorial, our lead guitarist Jason Houtsma teaches you a fun triplet pull-off riff that you can incorporate into your worship guitar playing and beyond. Practice makes permanent!

How To Think Like A Drummer

Part 1: Playing To The Room

You can learn every kick pattern and cymbal crash, but music should and always will be an art. In this series we are talking about what it takes to go from playing drums to being a drummer.

(Video) How to Play Auxiliary Keys

Playing supportive secondary sounds.

All too often, keyboardists approach playing a secondary part like the primary, but if we’re not careful, this could be detrimental to what’s happening musically. 

5 Ways To Get Inspired

Get out of that funk!

Summer is one of my most inspired times. I write half my songs for the year during these few sunny months. While I think the weather has something to do with it, I’ve noticed a few other factors that I think contribute. Here are 5 things to inspire your music this summer and every season after. 

How To Memorize Your Grooves

Keep it consistent

Last month I had the opportunity to play drums for a night of worship that was recorded for a live record. There's not a lot of room for issues or mistakes on something like that, and we wanted everything to run flawlessly. It would have been much more challenging if I didn't play consistently. 

(Video) Play Like a Synth Bass

A bass sound for modern worship music.

Many songs in modern worship either replace the bass or augment the bass with keyboard. Fear not! We can create a similar tone by using octaves. In this video I'll show you how. Once you've got the idea try using it in the lesson for Wake by Hillsong Young And Free. 

Environment Matters

Get out and play.

Sometimes we just forget to pay attention and let habits keep us in the dark. It's time to turn practice time into play time. 

How To Create Stacks In Omnisphere

Customize your zones in both standard and 'live/stack' modes.

Combine sounds and customize complex regions on your keyboard. Ryan walks us through the process of creating stacks to shape your unique tone using Omnisphere and the OmniTR app.

How To Be Your Own Metronome

Calibrate your inner clock

When we chose drums as our instrument, we signed up to be the leader of the rhythm section and that’s a vital role. As we go so the band goes. So how do imperfect people play in perfect time? Using a metronome or click track is a great place to start but it’s no substitute for developing your “internal click.” Here are a couple of training exercises to help you develop your internal metronome.

Fifth Note Lead-In

Subtle but Spicy

Add a little spice to your chord progression with this simple note.  Daniel shows us where to slip it in.  

How To Beat The Bass Amp Blues

Get the volume without blowing the sound mix.

One of the most difficult things to navigate when playing bass in church is that it is often difficult to hear yourself play without getting so loud that it ruins your sound for the sound guy. Here is how to beat the bass amp blues.