Ministry or Platform

Podcast #78

We're back and we're diving straight into the deep stuff. What is worship about and what separates a ministry from a platform?




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Excellent podcast!

I really liked the topic of this podcast. It was well done. I think the questions asked in this podcast will make a good heart check each time I play with the team.

Thanks again!

Just Awesome!

Hey guys I just wanted to throw this comment down and say Thank you!!! Thank you for being obedient to what Gods telling you to talk about. Recently a month ago a friend of mine went to collage and applied for a music scholarship. “For sure that(particular person)’s gonna get the scholarship” I said knowing that person is like one of the best musicians I know. As it turned out that person did phenomenal but they told that person the same thing y’all said we love it but your just way to good and way to technical(busy) so we’re sorry but we’ll have to pass. Now I myself just couldn’t get my head around why they would turn that person away that is until today listening to this Podcast. Thank y’all again for being obedient and for being an inspiration