Touch Of Heaven Song Lesson

Artist: Hillsong Worship

Song Key: A

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Touch Of Heaven Chords

(Capo on 2)


D/ / / / F#m/ / / / A/ / / / E/ / / /

Verse 1

DI will live for the mF#moments when I'm still in Your presAence All noise dies Edown Lord speak to A/C#me now
DYou have all my attention F#mI will linger and listen AI can't miss a Ething


Lord I A/C#know my Dheart wants more of You My F#mheart wants something new so AI surrender Eall


All A/C#I waDnt is to live within Your lEove be undone by who You F#mare My desire is to A/C#know You deeper
DLord I will open up aEgain Throw my fears into the wF#minds I am desperate for a A/C#touch of heaven


D/ / / / E/ / / / F#m/ / / / A/C#/ / / /

Verse 2

DYou're the fire in the morning F#mYou're the cool in the evening Athe breath in my Esoul o the life in A/C#my bones
DThere is no hesitation F#min Your love and affection AIt's the sweetest of Eall

Prechorus / Chorus / Instrumental (2x)

Bridge (3x)

I open up my Dheart to You EI open up my hF#meart to You nA/C#ow
So do what only DYou can EJesus have Your F#mway in me A/C#now

Instrumental (2x) / Chorus end on the 4

Touch Of Heaven | Hillsong Worship

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