3 Ways Faithlife Proclaim Changed My Game

A non-music-related must-have tool for worship pastors.

I don’t suggest a lot of gear on this website, but when I come across something that’s a game changer for me I want to share it with you. Faithlife Proclaim church presentation software is quickly becoming one of those tools I don’t want to live without. 

1. Design just got easy

I love great design but I am not a designer. That means I spend way too much time creating slides that don’t even look that good. Faithlife Proclaim is solving that for me. The templates are clean, the interface is easy to use and it auto formats the text which saves me a ton of time. All I need to do is type or paste my lyrics in, set the order of the slides, and I’m done. Better yet, hymns, scripture references, and songs tied in with SongSelect by CCLI will auto-populate, saving me even more time. Win!

2. The cloud is becoming my friend

I have a love-hate relationship with "the cloud". So when I heard my presentations live on the cloud, I was skeptical. Turns out, it’s actually awesome! It allows my pastor and me to have access to the same presentation wherever we are. This comes in handy for me when I make a last-minute lyric change and it changes everywhere my song lives, including the presentation my pastor is working on.  

3. It’s got power

We keep our church community pretty low-tech on purpose, but situations will always arise that require something more. Having a tool in place that can handle the job of playing video, recording audio, and even making light changes without us spending a ton of time jury-rigging a solution is invaluable.


The truth is I’ve barely scratched the surface of what this software can do, but the few features I’ve used over the last few weeks already justify the price. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can download that software and start a free trial. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Jason Houtsma is the co-founder and guitar teacher at Worship Artistry, where he is helping musicians of every level answer the call to worship with passion and confidence. Jason has been leading worship and writing music since he was 15 years old and currently serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA. He is husband to Alli and father to Bjorn and Asher.

3 Ways Faithlife Proclaim Changed My Game

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Great software!

Been using since January, and while it took a little persuasion to get my relatively small church to pay $300 a year for it, it's easily paid for itself just by letting us use it on as many machines as we need, makes it great for kids chapel and youth services.

Recent additions like trivia, polls, and MIDI/lighting support are all great. Even with the occasional glitch here and there it has been well worth it for us.

5 years and counting

Went to Proclaim 5 years ago and have not been disappointed, great for multi-site churches to copy an entire presentation and use it at multiple locations at the same time! It has grown leaps and bounds in the last 5 years so I look forward to what's coming next. LOVE the sermon countdown timer too, helps for those pastor's who have a lot to say. :)