The Best Gear Demos on the Internet

Learn from the masters.

If you've watched any of my tone videos, you'll probably notice I tend to keep it pretty simple but over Christmas I found myself itching for a change and it sent me on a days long YouTube trip into some really informative guitar gear shows. These guys are both educational and entertaining so I thought I'd share my favorites.


That Pedal Show

Mick and Dan are knowledgeable, have great camera presence and clearly enjoy what they do. They mix conversation and playing seemlessly. This particular episode was of interest as our web developer and gear afficianado Matt Bergsma gave me so much flack about using a tube screamer style pedal through my Vox and I was curious what the experts had to say. I also love how the guys aren't selling anything but T-shirts so their opinions are their own.


The JHS Show

Josh is the owner of JHS Pedals and a total music nerd in the best ways. He really strikes me as a guy who loves music as much as he loves tech and he's great at explaining both in unpretentious language. Even though he's a pedal maker, he showcases and fawns over his competitors more than his own company which I appreciate. He's like a coach who's tougher on his own kid than the rest of the team. I also love how he shares one of his favorite records at the end of every show. So good.


Andertons Music Co.

Chappers and the Captain have a blast doing all kinds of quirky demos. This particular episode has them comparing cheap vs. expensive pedals blindfolded, but it's just one of the many episodes you start watching and wonder where the last hour went. It must be so fun to work at Andertons.


This is by no means an exhaustive list but it's enough to keep you busy. What are your favorite places to go to listen to great gear?


Jason Houtsma serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA, Husband to Alli, Father to Bjorn and Asher, and guitar instructor for

The Best Gear Demos on the Internet

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Requesting follow-up

I too started watching these same channels this holiday season, probably around late November. I would love to hear about what things you have taken away from them and if it will lead to any changes in what or how you approach things. I ask this mostly because this is a fun topic, but also because your pedal board fits all the stereotypes of a worship guitarist's board and it would be interesting to hear how these same videos I have been watching influences someone's opinion who plays similar music to myself. Even if we play the same songs and watch the same youtube videos I bet we take vastly different things from the information thrown at us.

I am making some changes

Well I am needing to recreate modern worship guitar songs so the board fits the stereotype for a reason. :)


For me the changes are about getting my amp to shine. For a long time, I didn't use overdrive pedals but simply used a clean boost to drive my amp. It was my favorite overdrive ever. The problem is that it bumps the volume as well (even with a master volume) so it's not great for my current application. I need volume levels to stay pretty even. For awhile I was using the EQD Palisades which is an incredibly versatile tube screamer type pedal. Cody Fields introduced me to the E89 which is a combo of a tube screamer and blues breaker type overdrive. I found it very inspiring and loved the versatility. Still, it intentionally colors the tone. I'm now experimenting with a Mini Timmy for transparent drive (I can't believe how much it sounds like my amp's tube drive) and a Hotcake for the second stage. The Hotcake is built for the AC-30 and it shows. It can also push to fuzz territory with some knob tweaks. 


I'm going to use them on the next lesson to see how it all fits into the mix. One thing about tone is it can sound amazing on it's own but get totally lost in a mix. Stay tuned!