Podcast Episode #178: Andrea Olson on What Success Looks Like for Worship Leaders

Andrea Olson of Overflow Worship joins the podcast to talk about what success looks like for a worship leader, the common thread in worship ministries and the heart behind her new project. 

On getting involved in worship

I found myself filling the gap between learning classical and being prepared to play in worship. Other churches in the area heard that a girl was training people, so I began receiving calls to help vocalists and groups at churches. I was saying yes to the thing in front of me and didn’t really see the big story god was beginning to write. Which is a good thing–I’d probably be very overwhelmed. 

In 2014 the lord put on my heart to start a conference. I invited local leaders to come together for training. It was so clear to me after that first conference, something in me came alive, and I realized the lord was starting something new. 

That was the official birth of Overflow Worship which has grown into a ministry that serves and supports worship leaders and their teams in a volunteer / local church context. 

On common things she’s seeing across churches

There’s a great need for establishing foundations at the beginning. And there tends to be a misunderstanding of what this should look like–some do it well and others don’t. I want to come along side those that are struggling and helping them before they burnout. There are things you can be doing that helps you thrive. 

On what success looks like for a worship leader

1. If you have a team of people that are bought into your vision, you’re succeeding. Just pause and look around at what God has placed in your care and there is purpose for it. Start building from there. Acknowledge the people around you and celebrate it. Chances are you’ve put blinders on and stopped seeing the blessing around you.

2. If you see spiritual growth in your team, that is huge! You never know who you’re sowing into and the wide reach you have. We don’t know what God is doing. 

3. If you can look around and say they don’t need me here, that means your sowing into other people. Mark of a good leader is acknowledging the things your good at and not. If they don’t need you, that means you’re doing well. 

On bridging creating music and leading

God grew my love for the local church. I’m fascinated by all the stories of people serving, and how God is moving in their churches. He gave me desire to start writing more, to pen these stories to paper. My heart has grown for the church and to write songs they could sing. Some are corporate anthems and others are just songs to listen to and receive the word of god. 

On bringing the project to people

Cowriting was very helpful to notice life in songs. Practically, that’s where it started. And then I really just wanted to share these songs with our Overflow Worship community. As I prayed about it, I just sensed that it was time to release it. 

On favorite moments on the record

I’m a classically trained pianist so I love that style of music and the record has several string arrangements that are beautiful.

Hymns are deep in my roots. I grew up with grandma being able to play every hymn on the piano. So I wanted to bring this beautiful rich hymn back to life. It’s one of my favorite songs, and it’s very unique and special way to close out the album. 

The first track, "What A God You Are" is one of my favorites. It was a special time of sitting around a keyboard and writing it. It was fun to see it come to life to what it is now.

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Kristina Kislyanka leads worship and student ministry at her church in Washington state. She’s passionate about songwriting, producing music, and growing community within the Church. Kristina is a member of the Maverick City Music Choir. 

Podcast Episode #178: Andrea Olson on What Success Looks Like for Worship Leaders

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