Meaning of "Fearless" by Mia Fieldes

The meaning of the song and suggestions for introducing to a congregation.

A Sudden Struggle

I'd never really struggled with fear or anxiety till about 3 years ago. Then all of a sudden, it started turning up everywhere I went. It started being louder than what I knew was true and it began to paralyze me. I would drive to meetings or a dinner and be too overcome with anxiety to get out of the car. It was irrational, but it was so real. It became a dictator of my days. That's the thing about Fear- it wants to control you. It wants to corner you. It wants you to feel completely crippled.

Taking What Isn't Mine

It's funny how we can begin to accept things that's aren't from God as our 'lot in life'. We start taking ownership of them. "My fear", "My anxiety", "My panic attacks" when the truth is, God never meant for us to identify with any of it, and yet we speak certain things over ourselves and reinforce them every day.

A New Word

Here's the beautiful thing about God. He never makes it difficult for us to bring the weight to him. He doesn't even care how many times you have to keep coming back and laying that thing or things at the altar. He wants your freedom. He wants to speak a new word over you. He wants to reinforce everything that he has already overcome for you though the cross. His presence has a way of untangling the mess and silencing the the worry.

His presence has a way of ironing out the chaos and lighting up the darkness. His presence has a way of showing us just how loved we truly are. Love is the difference, because it casts out fear.  Love writes 'I'm not afraid" on our hearts over and over. It tells us to press on just as we are carried and to keep looking higher. It's an amazing thing to walk out this life with great courage. Commendable even. But oh how much greater to live completely free of fear. How much greater to live as who we have always been called to be. Fearless.

First Things First

When I lead this song I almost always remind people that sometimes you have to sing it before you feel it. That there is power in confessing the truth over our circumstances and speaking that which isn't as though it is. Sometimes it's easier to make something a prayer when it has a melody. That's what this song is- a prayer. 

Check out the full band lesson for Mia's song "Fearless" and introduce it to your congregation this week.

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