Thoughts on "Thank You Jesus For The Blood" by Charity Gayle

Thank You Jesus for the Blood by Charity Gayle is a beautiful and classic sounding song that fits almost anywhere in your worship set. 

Let's take a look at the lyrics:

I was a wretch I remember who I was

I was lost, I was blind I was running out of time

Sin separated The breach was far too wide

But from the far side of the chasm

You held me in your sight


So You made a way Across the great divide

Left behind Heaven's throne To build it here inside

And there at the cross You paid the debt I owed

Broke my chains, freed my soul

For the first time I had hope


Thank you Jesus for the blood applied

Thank you Jesus, it has washed me white

Thank you Jesus, You have saved my life

Brought me from the darkness into glorious light


You took my place Laid inside my tomb of sin

You were buried for three days 

But then You walked right out again

And now death has no sting And life has no end

For I have been transformed By the blood of the lamb


There is nothing stronger

Than the wonder working power of the blood The blood

That calls us sons and daughters

We are ransomed by our Father

Through the blood The blood

While the perspective is personal, the themes are universal. We were all blind, we were all separated and we were all saved.

While the overwhelming response to Christ’s sacrifice is gratitude, there is a surprising lack of songs for the Church that explicitly say “thank you”. Maybe it feels trite or simply too small. The beauty of Thank You Jesus For The Blood is the weight and meaning the music gives to those powerful words–every chord change acts as an anchor.

Slow it down, dwell on those words. Make them your own and sing them together with your congregation. This song is a great fit for Easter, Good Friday or communion. 

Learn how to play Thank You Jesus For The Blood plus get transposable sheet music, tabs and chord chart.

Jason Houtsma is the co-founder and guitar teacher at Worship Artistry, where he is helping musicians of every level answer the call to worship with passion and confidence. Jason has been leading worship and writing music since he was 15 years old and currently serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA. He is husband to Alli and father to Bjorn and Asher.

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Introduced to this song by my daughter

Thankful for the lesson. My daughter chose to sing this song for worship and I get the privilege of playing drums with our musicians. She normally plays bass and her brother pays synthesizer so we appreciate the lessons very much.

So great to hear!

It's a good one.