How To Nail Your Volume Swells

Tips and Tricks
A few tips for great playing

Volume swells are simple to play. Just follow these guidelines to get you started.

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volume swell tips

Thanx Jason, I appreciate this short video. I've been working with volume swells for several
years and although I thought I had pretty well figured out how to do it (and what pedal
parameters to use) but I hadn't thought about putting the volume pedal b4 the effects in the
signal chain. I'll give it a try cuz I was never "completely" happy with how mine sounded.
I have been using my Noise Gate and a lot of Compression to hold the volume back along with
the pedal and its worked pretty well but this idea might just make them better. Thanx, Terry

I think you'll

be happy with the results.

Good info!

Thanks for the tips, Jason! I never liked my swells and I think it is, at least partly, because I was strumming early to try to get the swell coming in on 1. My volume pedal is currently set with an audio taper sweep. Would swells be better with a linear taper?