How To Transpose All My Fountains

Taking this thumper from E to C

This week I got a request to take the song Chris Tomlin's "All My Fountains" originally in the key of E, all the way down to C.  Here's how I did it.

If you aren't familiar with "All My Fountains" you'll want to give it a watch here first and be sure to check out the post on how to transpose a song in under five minutes.

The trick with this one is the open B string that is ringing through every chord change.  It adds a nice droning feel and ideally we will find a way to replicate this in the key of C.  First things first, though.  We have to use our handy chart and figure out what the root chord changes are.

This means our verse changes of C#m7 A2 E becomes Am7 F2 and C.  Since our drone is a B note in the key of E, we can see the G note should be our drone in C.  Luckily this is another open string so let's use that.  These chords would work

but since there is a sliding element to the tone on the original I would opt for these.

Remember that you'll need to shift your picking pattern over one string, but that slight adjustment gives you this and I think you'll find this transposition captures the energy and feel of the original song while giving your vocal chords a break.  Note that the first set of chords should be used for the big strumming choruses.

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How To Transpose All My Fountains

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