Big Lessons From Little Churches

Podcast Episode #29

Worship Pastor Ron Pai joins the show to share the lessons he's learned from pastoring at churches big and small. Is there really a difference? How do you apply lessons learned from one to another? We talk style, communication, complaints and loving on your people. In member mail we learn about co-leading a team and leading from an instrument other than voice.

Jason Houtsma serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA, Husband to Alli, Father to Bjorn and Asher, and guitar instructor for

Big Lessons From Little Churches

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Q A-ed

Thanks a ton for answering my question on the podcast! Your guys' answers were very helpful. Good wisdom.

I live...

BTW I'm from Tulsa, Oklahoma, in Siberia (LOL).


I know several people at ORU!

Podcast Episode #29

I'd love to hear this podcast but it appears to be disabled. Is there another source for it?

It's working on our end.

Were you listening in the iTunes Podcast app or on the site?