Beneath The Waters (I Will Rise)

Hillsong Worship
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Beneath The Waters (I Will Rise)

(Capo 1)

INTRO (2x)

G  Em


G6                                                            Em

   This is my revelation Christ Jesus crucified

G6                                                                                       Em

   Salvation through repentance at the cross on which He died

G6                                                                    Em

   Now hear my absolution forgiveness for my sin

G6                                                                                 Em

   And I sink beneath the waters that Christ was buried in


          C             G6     D2sus                      Em                C                G6      D2sus

I will rise   I will rise as Christ was raised to life   Now in Him  now in Him   I   live


G6                                                                     Em    G6                                                               Em

   I stand a new creation baptized in blood and fire       No fear of condemnation by faith I’m justified

CHORUS 1 (2x)


C                                       G6 

   I rise as You are risen   declare Your rule and reign 

D2sus                                      Em

   My life confess Your lordship     and glorify Your name

C                                             G6 

   Your word it stands eternal      Your kingdom knows no end

D2sus                                      Em

   Your praise goes on forever      and on and on again

C                                                     G6 

   No power can stand against You     no curse assault Your throne

D2sus                                      Em

   No one can steal Your glory        for it is Yours alone

C                                            G6                               D2sus

   I’ll stand sing Your praises       I’ll stand to testify       for I was dead in my sin


                 C             G6     D2sus                      Em                C                G6      D2sus

But now I rise   I will rise as Christ was raised to life   Now in Him  now in Him   I   live

CHORUS 1 (2x) END ON ‘C’

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