Bethel's Amanda Lindsey Cook On Getting Back To Basics

Podcast #102

Bethel's Amanda Lindsey Cook joins the podcast to discuss clearing the noise and drawing close to God.

Shelby Rollins on Developing Church Skills

Podcast #101

Vocal coach Shelby Rollins takes a break from building her Worship Artistry tutorial library (coming soon) to give some tips on church vocals.

Meredith Andrews on Leading Worship For Everyone

Podcast #100

Meredith Andrews joins the podcast to discuss leading worship that everyone can grab onto.

Jon Egan on Opening Up

Podcast #99

The Desperation Band frontman talks about growing up, growing out and opening up.

London Gatch on Trusting In Transition

Podcast #97

London Gatch joins the podcast to discuss trusting when God tells you to leave something successful.

Bethel's Brian Johnson on Battling Anxiety

Podcast #98

Bethel Music's Brian Johnson joins the podcast to get real about his battle with anxiety and the role of worship in it.

Francesca Battistelli on Space And Balance

Podcast #96

Francesca Battistelli joins the podcast to talk being a musician, a worshipper, a wife and mother of four.

Mack Brock on Stepping Out

Podcast #95

Mack Brock joins the podcast to talk about stepping out and taking risks.

Bethel Music's Bethany Wohrle on Being Ready For The Moment

Podcast #94

Bethel Music's Bethany Wohrle joins the podcast to being ready for the moment and building a culture of worship.

Jonathan Mason on Equipping The Church

Podcast #93

Curb/Word Worship guru Jonathan Mason joins the show to discuss what it takes for musicians to equip the church.

Passion's Melodie Malone on leading with passion.

Podcast #92

Passion's Melodie Malone joins the podcast to discuss leading with passion and growing into ministry. Jason and Daniel give tips on getting good direct sound.

Leslie Jordan On Transition

Podcast #91

WE ARE BACK! Former co-leader of All Sons and Daughters, Leslie Jordan joins the show to discuss stepping away from a successful band and being called into something new. Jason and Daniel answer member mail on choosing songs that fit your congregation.

All About Overdrive

Podcast #59

The brains behind Westminster and Nose Pedals join us to discuss what goes into the most ubiquitous guitar effect.

An Interview with Hillsong's Peter James

Episode #36

Hillsong keyboard guru Peter James sits down with Ryan King to talk patches, playing live and so much more! Check out Peter's tones at Multitracks.com.

Arranging Parts For Keyboard

Podcast Episode #34

Worship Artistry keyboard instructor joins us to discuss arranging music for keyboards, his new kids program "Pianosity" and staying focused on practice.

Everything You Don't Need to Know to Play Keyboard

Episode #17

Some skills and gear are essential for effective keyboard playing, but with others, we don't need to bother.  Ryan's got the lowdown on what equipment, techniques, and software we really need for our keys.  

How to Go from Good to Great Drumming with Garrett Goodwin

Episode #16

Why do some guys get all the calls to play? Carrie Underwood touring drummer Garrett Goodwin joins the show to talk about that little bit extra that takes you from good to great. Jason and Dan continue to be their ridiculous selves and discuss leading a team when you're the youngest member.

How To Create and Arrange Lead Guitar Parts with Stu G

Episode #15

What an incredible time with Stu Garrard. We've included more than 3 questions because we enjoyed the question time so much. Give this one a listen to learn about the process of lead guitar arrangement, the parts that matter and the tone that makes it all scream.