How To Add Harmonies To Your Bass Lines

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Daniel gives you some tips on adding harmonies to your bass lines to help add a little more character to your parts.

Daniel Ornellas, worship leader in the band "The Worship Republic" is originally from South Africa. He moved to the US with his band Tree 63 and has toured and recorded with numerous worship artists. He produces records and lives in Nashville with his wife Samantha and their two kids and is the bass instructor for Worship Artistry.

How To Add Harmonies To Your Bass Lines

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Hey there,

I am actually teaching Never lost at the moment and have altready done My Testimony and Graves into Gardens and we will release those all in the next little bit. Not sure if Rattle is on our list to teach but I will check with Jason.



Rattle will be up this week. Hopefully monday. Its a doozie!