The Greenroom

Picks Vs Fingers

What's the difference?

Does that song call for an open, drivey sound or a percussive groove?  Daniel shows us what types of tone we can create when using a pick or just our fingers on the bass.

Should You Buy That Pedal?

A Helpful (and humorous) Flowchart

It's easy to get amped up about buying pedals but should you drop your hard earned cash on it? I've created this handy flowchart to help you decide.

Snareweight M1

Small In Size, Mighty In Mass

I have found one more little dampening gizmo I thought you guys might like -- the M1 from Snareweight.

How To Choose The Right Bass

One size does not fit all.

I am amazed by just how many people end up with a bass that is completely wrong for their application. This is usually because not only do they have no idea what they need, but bass tone can be a bit of a mystery.

Nord Stage 2 Walkthrough: Part 2 -- Live Mode

A Helpful Tutorial

Welcome to Part 2 of the Nord Stage 2 Walkthrough! Now that you’ve seen Part 1 and know what the Nord can do, it's time to put it into practice. If you don’t quite have time for one or both of these tutorial videos, check out the Nord Stage 2 Crash Course instead. 

Nord Stage 2 Walkthrough: Part 1 -- Intro

Overview and Features

Whether you've recently purchased a Nord keyboard or are debating whether to get one, you'll learn something new as Ryan walks you through the Stage 2 in depth.  

How NOT To Set Up A Bass Amp EQ

Strike A Balance

Even if you're a talented bass player, an imbalanced EQ can make it sound like you have something to hide.  Here's where to start before you adjust those frequencies.  

Hardware Vs. Software

Don't Get Left High And Dry

Have you ever worked all night on a paper only to have the power go out and realize you didn't save your work? It's gut-wrenching! Now imagine that happened on stage! Keyboard players don't have to be at the mercy of their equipment. Let's compare hardware vs. software rigs and see how we can mitigate disaster.

Tom Tamer

Add this technique to the tacs and tape in your tom toolbox.

I get asked a good bit about dampening options and what's the best product. Here's another trick to dampen your rack tom. 

What's the Hype About the 'Red Keyboard'?

Don't Judge a Keyboard by its Color

I’ve heard so many keyboardists ask, "what keyboard should I buy?" The consensus from most is…. Nord (a.k.a. the ‘red keyboard'). Are so many keyboard players buying Nord simply because it looks cool and it’s red? Or is there more to it? 

Great Keyboard Sound On A Budget

You don't have to break the bank.

I’ve received a lot of questions lately as to how to get great sound on a tight budget. You don't have to ‘break the bank’ in order to get good sound. It all boils down to quality, flexibility, and ease of use.  Fortunately, there are a lot of options out there.

Soundbrenner Pulse Review

A Very Interesting Idea

The Pulse is a very interesting idea but how well does it work and is it a good fit for your team?

How To Build An Iso Cab

Get Tube Tone Without The Volume

We've had a number of folks ask about this so I tapped my good friend Chad Smith and he was happy to oblige.

OmniTR Tutorial

This is that thing you keep asking about

One of the number one questions I get asked is "What are you doing on your iPad?" Here's the app I use and how I use it. You need to have Omnisphere, which I detailed in another post, so you can check that out first here.

Is Omnisphere The Right Tool For You?

Talking synths

In addition to seeing all the posts on Facebook, I’ve recently be asked the same question by many keyboard players and musicians alike. “Should I get Omnisphere, and is it worth it?” The immediate answer to that question is undenieably…. YES! With that in mind, let me clarify a few things.

Pick Switch Magic

Never Pause Again.

Finger pick. Strum, Flat Pick, Finger pick...Try this little trick and you'll never pause between changes again.

How To Choose A Drum Head

In last weeks post, Paul Mabury talked about ways to tune your kit to fit the room that you're playing in. One of the critical points to that lesson is the type of drum heads that you choose. Whether you put clear or coated heads on your drums can make all the difference in the world, so let's talk about which heads give you that warm sound Paul was preaching. 

Thalia Capo Review

Got some Christmas cash?

Thalia capos have been referred to as guitar jewelry and they live up to the name. Question is, does that beauty only run skin-deep? Watch the video to find out and have a chance to win one of your own.

How To Wrap Cables Right

You NEED to know this

There is nothing worse than pulling out your cables and finding them all tangled together. (Well, there are some worse things.) In this video, I give you an easy and foolproof way to wrap your gear. You'll spend another practice in knots.

Drumtac Demo

The Skinny on the Black Dots

Hey guys! I've had some questions about what these black dots are on my drum heads. Here is a quick demonstration of what these little guys are and what they do. Without further ado, I give you.. "Drumtacs".