Picked Apart

Faithful Now by Vertical Worship

Introducing the new Picked Apart series. Get a first hand look at Jason's first critical listen through Faithful Now by Vertical Worship and get tips on arrangement, theory and more.

Check out the full tutorial for Faithful Now by Vertical Worship here.

Jason Houtsma serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA, Husband to Alli, Father to Bjorn and Asher, and guitar instructor for WorshipArtistry.com

Picked Apart

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Faithful Now - Picked Apart

This is really really good. Nice to see the approach to take when trying to learn songs.

"Picked Apart"

Hi Jason, Great new addition. The title is perfect. Appreciate the value add to the teaching.
Hope you are feeling better! Is you're amp still in the 'shop'? The amp sim sounds pretty good.
Hang in there with the sim. You're amp will be back soon. Take care. God bless.....cheers

Great Job Jason

Thanks for this. Always appreciate your insights!