Thalia Capo Review

Got some Christmas cash?

Thalia capos have been referred to as guitar jewelry and they live up to the name. Question is, does that beauty only run skin-deep? Watch the video to find out and have a chance to win one of your own.

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Thalia Capo Review

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I love my Thalia capo.

I actually bought four of these. One for my worship pastor, one for our other acoustic worship guitarist and two for myself. My friend is older and has wrist problems, so he politely returned it to me. My pastor love's his but only uses it to practice with, until it loosens up. Mine have all loosened up at this point.

These things are great to look at, and after you give them a few months of constant use, they become much easier to use. Personally, I attach them from underneath the neck, using them like I would play a barre chord.

So now I have one in chrome with pearl inlay to match the pearl and chrome candy on my Telecaster. I have one in gold with wenge inlay to match my De'Angelico Acoustic with gold hardware. I now use the extra my friend gave me on my older Ibanez acoustic, which I keep in open tunings.

Thalia Capo

I'd recommend extreme caution buying one of these capos. I was a Kickstarter backer for this design, and mine only lasted a few weeks before it broke down the middle due to a known design flaw with the metal. Thalia has done nothing to remedy the situation even though I've sent them emails and pictures of the completely broken capo.

Spend your money on a capo that won't break on you so easily- get a G7th.

Thanks for the heads up on that

I hadn't heard about that but I do know they are coming out with a new design this year and I'm hoping it also fixes the heavy tension issue.

Thalia Capo

Ive had two of these for about a year now and the capo gets significantly easier to use the more you use it. They look great and make the guitar sound great. The interchangeable fretboard pads are fantastic. I have one capo set for my Breedlove and the other set for my Telecaster, and they work great. That being said, they are hard to get onto the guitar initially. But once it is on the neck, moving it up and down is very easy and very fast. Very good capos.

Also they are coming out with a Thalia 2.0 this year that allows the hinge to move easier and the capo is thinner.

Good to know.

I did wonder if they would get easier with age but we're giving this one away so I didn't want to use it too much :)

Absolutely love my Thalia Capo!

I was a Kickstarter backer from the very beginning. I watched the announcements for the day the Kickstarter opened and backed to buy 2 instantly. Took a while to finally get them but they were well worth the wait!

I'm very surprised that you have trouble moving or removing the capo. You definitely have more muscle than I do and I quick change this capo every Sunday morning. I've been using it for nearly a year now. If these two ever broke I'd buy new ones in a heartbeat.

The first thing I did was change out the fretpad... by the way, that's the word you were looking for: fretpad. To the rubber ones. I didn't feel safe using the plastic on my Martin I had just bought a few weeks before the capo arrived. I didn't want to scratch the neck. It is definitely beefy as you mention. The only problem with that is when using it high up on the 7th fret. My fingers already get squished enough because the frets aren't as spaced out, I end up bumping up against the capo as well.

I'll be keeping an eye out for the 2.0 as well. I don't feel like the current capo needs any real improvement but you never know, someone is always thinking of a way to make something better! Proof is in this capo already!


Fretpad! I too noticed it getting pretty squished high up the neck. Curios about the 2.0 for sure.

The Upside Down Capo

I noticed in your review that you put the Thalia capo on from the top like a traditional capo. I also watched a video by the people who designed the Thalia capo, and noticed they actually built it to go on the guitar from the bottom and be moved around by basically gripping it like you are doing a barre chord. Does anyone who has one of these use it that way, and does it make it any easier to move around?

capo comment

face booked wouldn't let me comment.
two things.

At first glance The name reminded me of Tehillah (songs of praise).

For their Engineering team i would make interchangeable pads with cut grooves to play multiple tunings. Similar to what Kyser has done but needed are multiple capos.

Tom Cameron

Hi Tom, They do actually have

Hi Tom,

They do actually have multiple fretpads that are cut for different tunings. If I remember correctly it is part of the "tuning kit" they offer. I haven't kept up on them much since I got my capos a year ago so I'm not sure if they come with every capo of if they are an add on.