How To Install Omnisphere Patches

Download your patches and upgrade your keyboard sound.

Amazing sounds are now available at your fingertips through the Worship Artistry Patch Store!  Here's how to install the Omnisphere files and get the most out of your patch purchase. 

Visit the 'Tone' or 'Patch' lesson within that song lesson plan for more details on these unique sounds. To see where and when Ryan controls the patch within the song, watch the Music Video and select the Top view.


Ryan is currently the Worship Director at The Church at Wills Creek in North Alabama. He has been the keyboardist for many Christian artists and has served with several churches including Christ Fellowship and Church of the Highlands. Ryan is the keyboard instructor for and also works as a producer, music educator, and studio musician. Ryan has two children, Josiah and Vivy, and they love spending time on their 100 acre farm.

How To Install Omnisphere Patches

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windows issue

Thanks for sharing such useful ideas here. I can install it properly on my Windows 10. It is showing error. I have visited [url][/url], but need some proper solution. How can I fix it properly?

Omnisphere patches

Hi Ryan
This may sound like a dumb question... but what is omnisphere patches?
and also, do worship artistry have speed control... sometimes I would like to slow the video down a little to see the chords you are playing. Chording is somewhat new to me since I was taught to read music.
Thank you, Judy