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You know how every Worship Artistry keyboard lesson has a tone chapter where I describe all the crazy things I do to get the keyboard tones I'm using? Wouldn't if be great if you could just click a button and have all those settings and layers put together for you? Well now you can.

Introducing the Worship Artistry Patch Store

For every keyboard lesson that I teach, I spend a great deal of time customizing most, if not all of the patches for that lesson from scratch so that you can have all of the major patches needed in order to pull off the song. Most of the artists on this site use a plugin called Omnisphere, so that's what I use to generate all of my sounds for a particular song. And since I’ve already created these sounds, I want you to be able to get up and rolling instantly and with ease. No more preproduction work on your part, I’ve done that for you. You just need to adjust some volumes to your taste and you’re ready to go.

Simply visit our new keyboard patch store to browse our catalog of currently 100 different song patches. Every song will include an Omnisphere file that contains 1) all the patches used in that song, 2) a multi that sets up all of the patches for use in Live Mode, as well as the Stack Mode and regions for each patch on the keyboard, and 3) effects that were used to tailor the sounds.

A few prerequisites:


1. These patches are for Omnisphere 2. They will not open in any other program. If you are using Omnisphere 1, some of the patches may open if they were originally in the first version, but I make no promises as to if they will fully work. You can pick up a copy of Omnisphere 2 here. Omnisphere is a plugin and therefore needs a host program like MainStage 3, Ableton Live, Logic, etc.

2. Keyscape is not required but encouraged. I used to use other piano programs like The Giant and Ivory Pianos, but the great thing about Keyscape is that it works thru Omnisphere. That means you can use a Keyscape piano in Omnisphere’s arpeggiator and more. If you don’t have Keyscape, you can simply use any piano program you like outside of Omnisphere.

3. In order to use Live Mode, you will need an iPad running the Omni TR app which is available for free in the app store. This is a controller app specifically for Omnisphere. Both your iPad and computer need to be on the same wireless network in order for them to communicate between each other. 

As of October 2017, we have 100 songs in the patch store with the rest of the over 400 songs being uploaded in the coming months. Soon, we will also add audio examples of each song patch, but for now, if you are a Worship Artistry subscriber, you can check out the audio examples in the TONE chapter of a specific song lesson. Stay tuned for upcoming video blogs that will walk you through the gear you need as well as how to download and import the files.  


If you're an Omnisphere user, we've just made it simple to recreate keyboard sounds for over one hundred songs, with more on the way.  We're thrilled to add these patches to the Worship Artistry family of tools equipping your team for worship leading and freeing up your time for ministry connections.  We'll see you over in the new Worship Artistry Patch store!

Ryan is currently the Worship Director at The Church at Wills Creek in North Alabama. He has been the keyboardist for many Christian artists and has served with several churches including Christ Fellowship and Church of the Highlands. Ryan is the keyboard instructor for and also works as a producer, music educator, and studio musician. Ryan has two children, Josiah and Vivy, and they love spending time on their 100 acre farm.

Patch Perfect

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This is another great resource from your team at WA.

I'm hoping you guys make plans for other instruments as well. Tell Jason he needs to start programming Helix patches for the 7000 users in the Line 6 Helix Worship users group on Facebook. Blessings!

Thanks so much. Always

Thanks so much. Always looking for new ways to resource the community!

Peace Be Still

Do you plan to make patches available for Peace Be Still?

Omnispere in combination with piano

Hi Ryan,

I like your tutorials very much. But could you explain, how you set up Omnisphere with e.g. a Nord Stage? What do I need? And how do you connect the stuff together?

God bless you,

I am teaching my self tbe

I am teaching my self tbe keyboards
How do i access chord sheets for the songs.