Thoughts on "House of Miracles" by Brandon Lake

"This is a house of worship, this is a place of praise."

This week we taught "House of Miracles" by Brandon Lake. In context, I love the lyrics. Let’s take a look.


This is a house of worship // This is a place of praise
Where every demon trembles // Where we proclaim Your name
This is a house of healing // Our hearts are full of faith
You have our full attention // You have the final say


So come alive in the name of Jesus // Come alive in the name of Jesus
This is a house of miracles // We bring everything to the feet of Jesus
Everything in the name of Jesus // This is a house of miracles

Verse 2:

There’s resurrection power // Your blood runs through our veins
Your kingdom triumphs over //Even the coldest grave


I still believe You’re moving // I still believe You’re speaking
God I believe You’re working // All things for good
I fix my eyes on heaven // God I receive Your vision
God I believe You’re working // All things for good 


I can own every line of this song. The only thing that trips me up is the emphasis. It highlights the place of God (church building) rather than the person of God. God is the same God whether we are at church, home, work, or school; He is omnipresent. God’s power is not attached to a geographic location and we would do well to remind our congregation of this when leading the song.

If I were to introduce this song, I would start by leading a prayer that puts it in context:

“God, You are the leader of our hearts and of this house of worship. Everywhere You are, miracles can happen. Help us do everything in Your name and never put You in a box of our own making. Give us faith to believe.”

Framing it like this gives the lyric an even stronger meaning and clears up any confusion. 

Even so, maybe that line still bothers you but you love everything else. Personally, I need to sing “everything in the name of Jesus”. I’d hate to lose the song because of one lyric. You can always substitute “this is a house of miracles” with “You are the God of miracles”. It sings the same and still fits the rest of the lyrics.


It’s important to think through the songs we sing and use them in a way that fits our local community. What do you think of “House of Miracles”?


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Thoughts on "House of Miracles" by Brandon Lake

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Wherever we are can be a house of miracles!

I just think, well, WE are the temple of the Holy Ghost, and wherever we are can be a house of miracles. Doesn't have to be a church. My home is a house of miracles. I am a walking house of miracles. So then, church, as a gathering, could be a powerhouse of miracles, right?!


and that's the point. As worship leaders, part of our job is to make sure the intent of an artistic statement like a song is communicated clearly and in full.