Thoughts on "Faithful God" by I Am They

Does it fit a congregational setting

When I first heard Faithful God by I Am They, I questioned if it would really fit in a congregational setting.

After sitting with it for some time, I think the answer is a resounding “yes”! 

First, let’s look at the lyrics:

I am surrounded on every side
Can't see the light of day but I am persuaded
Beyond all hope, You won't let go of me
I stake my claim on every word You say
You will not be late
I will sing through fire and thunder
'Cause You are on my side, I trust You with my life
I know my story, it isn't over
Even against all odds You are a faithful God
You're faithful God
The darkest of weather
Though I can't see, I still believe You're good
So I'm moving forward through crashin' waves
I know I'm safe with You You hold my life
You hear my cry With every breath inside
I am convinced that Your promises will hold together
And I will dwell in the hope of Your love forever
I am convinced that Your promises will hold together
And I will dwell in Your love

Faithful God is what I would call a testimonial song. Even though the chorus loudly proclaims: “You are a faithful God”, the verses are very personal–that’s not always a good fit for a congregation. Lyrics like: “Though I can’t see, I still believe You’re good” speak to very specific seasons and are sung in the present tense. This can make it difficult for someone who is not in that season to sing with confidence.

The truth is that there are always people in your congregation that can, and probably need, to sing these words. Even if I don’t feel these words at the moment, I can sing them in solidarity with those around me. Even while teaching Faithful God I found myself worshipping with those I know are in that season–it’s powerful.

If you do decide to introduce this worship song to your congregation, I’d suggest coaching your people through it. Ask them to open their eyes to those who are suffering around them. You could invite people who are struggling, worried or uncertain, to stand and receive prayer. Singing Faithful God together as a way of proclaiming God’s faithfulness together.

Personal worship songs have a place in the gathering, we as worship pastors just need to be mindful of how we use them.

I Am They actually appeared on the Worship Artistry Podcast and shared the song story behind Faithful God and what gives the song meaning to them. You can listen to that episode here.

Jason Houtsma is the co-founder and guitar teacher at Worship Artistry, where he is helping musicians of every level answer the call to worship with passion and confidence. Jason has been leading worship and writing music since he was 15 years old and currently serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA. He is husband to Alli and father to Bjorn and Asher.

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