The Greenroom

Season Finale

Podcast #154

Jason and Daniel close out the season reflecting on it's best moments. Catch up on anything you missed.

All About Transposing

Podcast #153

We've got a huge announcement this week and Ryan and Jason dig into everything you need to know about transposing.

Great Keyboard Tone with Jim Daneker

Podcast #152

Backstage Pass creator and Music Director for Michael W. Smith, Jim Daneker talks about getting great keyboard tone, software vs hardware and what makes Smitty look like a deer in the headlights.

Andrew Osenga on Developing Musicians

Podcast #151

Andrew Osenga wears a lot of hats. He's an artist, Director of A&R for Integrity Music, host of "The Pivot" podcast, and just an all-around awesome guy. He also happens to be the creator of one of Jason's favorite albums "The Painted Desert". He joined the podcast to discuss bringing up young musicians, investing in people and where worship music is going next.

Zach Bolen on The Joy of Being

Podcast #146

Citizens lead singer Zach Bolen joins the podcast to discuss their latest album "The Joy of Being" and talk about the revolutionary nature of the gospel and Peter Cetera.

Ryan Dahl on Finding Songs for Every Moment

Podcast #145

Praise Charts founder Ryan Dahl joins the podcast to talk about creating positive team culture and finding songs for every worship moment. He also talks a lot about corn hole. Jason and Daniel discuss positive creative perspective.

Pat Barrett on Writing Songs that Sting

Podcast #143

Pat Barrett joined the Worship Artistry podcast for a challenging conversation about scripture, materialism and writing songs that sting. Jason and Daniel talk about pet baboons and parrots, so you know, definitely worth a listen.

Mack Brock on Faith, Trust and Creativity

Podcast #142

Mack Brock joins the podcast to discuss faith, trust and finding creativity during a pandemic. Jason and Daniel will have you rolling with stories this week.

Vocal Instructors Chris and Joy Lockwood

Podcast #141

New Worship Artistry vocal instructors Chris an Joy Lockwood join the podcast to talk about how music brought them together, the benefits of practice and what it takes to be an authentic vocalist.

Meet New Drum Instructor, Sidney Joseph

Podcast #140

Worship Artistry is excited to begin a new era with drum instructor, Sidney Joseph. There's more to the man than a rad accent. Learn what makes him tick, the things that make a drummer great and what you can work on to grow.

Aaron Keyes on Worship Mentorship

Podcast #137

Aaron Keyes of Mere Worship joins the podcast to discuss the importance of a leader's character and confidence and what it takes to develop it.

Kari Jobe on Timing and Vision

Podcast #136

Kari Jobe joins the Worship Artistry podcast to discuss the worldwide impact of her song "The Blessing", the beauty of releasing control, trusting God's timing and working with a team to achieve a vision. 

Orphan No More

Podcast #134

British artist collective Orphan No More joins the Worship Artistry Podcast to talk about the cost of community, worshipping through grief and the joy of singing together. Jason and Daniel discuss the students that drive them crazy. 

Brian Wahl on Getting That Sweet Tone

Podcast #133

Worship Tutorials founder and tone junkie Brian Wahl joins the Worship Artistry Podcast  to talk Helix, AXE-FX, Kemper, Impulse Responses (IRs) and both their advantages and disadvantages. If you've had any questions in this department, he's got answers and this is a must listen.

Season Kick Off with I Am They

Podcast #132

We kick off this Worship Artistry Podcast season with a group interview with I AM THEY digging into what it's like to be worship musicians in a town full of worship musicians, the necessity of the local church and the incredible story behind their song Faithful God. Well worth a listen. In Member Mail, Jason and Daniel answer questions on worship song longevity and what makes a real bass player. 

Chris McClarney on Writing Songs That Fit

Podcast # 131

Last episode of the season! Chris McClarney joins the Worship Artistry Podcast to discuss writing for different projects, different bands and finding time to rest. Jason and Daniel talk about why worship music seems to have "a sound". 

How To Lead Worship NOW

Podcast # 130

We're hurting. We're looking for peace. Pastor and author Glenn Packiam joins the podcast to discuss, peace, repentance, justice, the kingdom of God and what that means for worship leaders in this historic time. Jason and Daniel discuss being peacemakers in the midst of turmoil. Not your usual Worship Artistry Podcast.