You Are The Lord

Brief Devotional Thoughts

It's so important for us worship leaders to be inspired by the songs we lead. If our songs don't carry weight for us, how can we expect others to engage fully?

Whenever I introduce a new song, I try to spend time with it; to go beyond the great hooks and dig into the lyrics. I want to know what this song means to my community and how it can better help us know the God we serve. 

Oftentimes I try to bring more gravity to a new song by offering a short devotional thought to help us put it in context. It's amazing how a few short words can add heft to a song and draw out its meaning.

This week we taught "You Are The Lord" so thought I'd offer some brief thoughts on it the same way I would do with my congregation. My purpose is two-fold. I want to connect you to the purpose of your practice and I want my thoughts to be a jumping off point for you to have some of your own. First, give the lyrics a read and then see my thoughts below.

You Are The Lord Lyrics (Passion Band feat. Brett Younker)

Robed in everlasting light
Your glory floods the earth and fills the skies
Almighty God, there's no one like You
Mountains tremble when You speak
I'm listening
Your whisper changes everything
Almighty God, there's no one like You
Almighty God, there's no one like You
You are the Lord forever lifted high
You are the Lord Compassionate and kind
You are the Lord
Holy, holy, holy is Your name
Holy, holy, holy is Your name
Slow to anger, rich in love,  You're patient
Always chasing after us
This is Your heart
There's no one like You
How great You are
There's no one like You
You broke off my heavy chains
Left them in the empty grave
There is freedom in Your name
There's no one like You, God
There's none like You


Song Thought

This week I was struck by the song “You Are The Lord”. Musically, it has an almost 80’s ballad kind of a sound. That might be a little nostalgic for some of you and entirely new for others. I think it’s a great fit for this song because it creates a sense of grandeur. I know for myself, God can almost become too familiar. I talk to Him like a friend. I share my heart and try to learn His, but the thing that makes God different from my other close friends, is that God is who HE is.

HE is the Lord.

HE is holy.

His glory "floods the earth and fills the skies". 

There is truly no one like Him.

This song gives us an opportunity to proclaim that truth. 


We are doing more than playing songs. We are opening our hearts to God and facilitating worship for His people. It's so important we stay connect to that. I would love to hear what jumps out to you about this song. How would you introduce it to your community? What gives “You Are The Lord” weight in your heart? Feel free to share in the comments. If you want to sit with it some more, you can check out the Worship Artistry song tutorial for You Are The Lord here.

Jason Houtsma serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA, Husband to Alli, Father to Bjorn and Asher, and guitar instructor for

You Are The Lord

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