Podcast Episode #68: Jason and Stu G's Top 5 Guitar Solos

Guitar legend Stu Garrard joins Jason to discuss their favorite guitar solos of all time. It's not a best list but a favorites list. Listen to all the solos below.


Stu's #5

Jason's #5

Stu's #4

Jason's #4

Stu's #3

Jason's #3

Stu's #2

Jason's #2

Stu's #1

Jason's #1

Jason Houtsma is the co-founder and guitar teacher at Worship Artistry, where he is helping musicians of every level answer the call to worship with passion and confidence. Jason has been leading worship and writing music since he was 15 years old and currently serves as Worship Pastor for Mosaic Church in Bellingham, WA. He is husband to Alli and father to Bjorn and Asher.

Podcast Episode #68: Jason and Stu G's Top 5 Guitar Solos

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Podcast #68

Dude! Really?
What about War of Ages or Demon Hunter? They have some pretty sick solos. Now most Christian rock or metal bands are disqualified from theses list typically unfortunately. You won’t find them on the cover of Rolling Stones or Modern Rock but these guys are never considered. So many Christian bands since the Rock era from Petra till now are never mentioned. It would be cool if you guys did a piece of best Guitar solos by Christian Bands. There are more solos to be considered brothers. Take a gander you won’t be disappointed. Check out Aftermath by War or Ages and Demon Hunter guitar solos on YouTube. By the way the bass and drumming in second to none. Enjoy!

Vocal Coach

Yes Please.
To often have I visited a church and experienced good instrument players with a bad vocalist leading or the back ground singers too high pitched using the same tone for every song. We need this guys. I think we would greatly benifit from Mrs. Rollins (pronounced with an A ofcourse) joining the team.

forgot one....

Honorable mentions: Nicest touch
shaken up, deleriou5, by Stu himself.

starts at 2:50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XR7rIvY_Q1U

Darry Evans I am in love with you, early Lincoln Brewster.
Epic. Really. 5:20-8:30 (!)