Our Recommendations

Just a few of our favorite things.



These is our recommended gear for bassists. The main thing to know is how to make what you have sound good! Here is our setup along with some recommendations if you're a beginner.

My Rig

Boss TU-3 Tuner


This is old faithful. It's been with me forever. I might be swayed by a Poly Tune 2 but I can't turn my back on this one. I'm pretty sure I could throw it full speed into a wall and it wouldn't be worse for wear.

Bluesman Vintage Deville

Bluesman Vintage

This is my go-to bass. I pick up a lot of basses and this is the one that If I had to take one bass to a session would be my choice for sure. It has a rich warm woody tone that you would expect from a vintage p-bass. It is a 60's reissue built with all custom American parts in Tennessee. The bass has had a relic mod which means that they beat it up on purpose so it looks like a real old bass that has been gig worn for 40 years. It has a custom bolt-on neck and the neck feels like it comes off a really well-played old bass.

Harmony Reissue H22


I love this bass for my organic sessions or if we have a motown vibe. It sounds thuddy and I have flat wound strings on it so no high end. The only high end tome is the woody sound of the bass which sounds a bit more like an upright bass. I love this bass for its big pillowy sound and its lack of sustain on the right songs. I also think it looks amazing!!!

Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI V2


I feel completely at a loss if I forget this guy at home. It is the basis of all my tone. I love this pedal and have used it on most every record I have done for the last 15 years. It gives you the ability to preset 3 different tones so with a click you change your vibe. "This is Amazing Grace" by Phil Wickham is a song that has this kind of change mid song. Its also good if you play more than one bass in a gig so you can get the exact EQ you want for each instrument.

Beginner Basses

Fender Precision


Made in America Fender basses are great instruments that hold their value well. If you are a pro working musician you will probably want something like this or the basses that have been inspired by this bass like Lakland or various other high-end basses (including my custom Bluesman Deville).

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass


This bass has a jazzier sound if you are looking for something a little different than the Fender P-bass. It's got great tone and is really playable.

The Extra's

D'Addario Long Scale Nickel Wound Bass Guitar Strings - .050-.105 Medium


These sound warmer and have a loose "gangy" sound that you get when you first put strings on a bass.

D'Addario American Stage Cable


I have these cables because I was given them by Planet Waves and I have been surprised at how well these cables handle the road. They are the high end planet waves ones and do a great job in my chain.

D'Addario Leather Straps 


A good leather strap will always feel great. I have their extra skinny one with the neck pad and I love how it looks but it really bites in after a while of playing so if you have long sessions of playing get one with a broader strap especially if you have a heavy bass.

D'Addario Picks


I use picks on a lot of the more driving rock based songs or percussive bass lines and the nylon and Duralin picks are my go-to's. I really like the tone as well as the consistency it gives my 8th and 16th notes.


Tama Rhythm Watch


The RW200 is a programmable metronome with plenty of volume and easy to use dials and plenty of volume. Built specifically for drummers but a nice substitute for the DB-90 if you want to save some coin.

Pro Metronome for iPhone

App Store

Great metronome for iPhone. It's plenty customizable (pay a few bucks for the paid version) and has great rhythm trainer features. Phone apps use the phone's clock which isn't good for recording but works just fine for practicing. Try the free version and make sure it's what you want.

Pro Metronome for Android

Google Play

Phone apps use the phone's clock which isn't good for recording but works just fine for practicing. It's plenty customizable (pay a few bucks for the paid version) and has great rhythm trainer features.