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Electric Guitar


When it comes to gear, you generally get what you pay for. Finding that right balance of quality and value can be tricky. We've put together a high-quality and relatively inexpensive pedalboard to get you started. You can spend the rest of your day checking out the cool pedals section. 

Electric Guitars

American Standard Stratocaster


My go-to electric guitar.

Fender Brent Mason Telecaster Electric Guitar


I have an Electric Semihollow Partscaster with Seymour Duncan SM-3 Neck Pickup, Seymour Duncan Classic Stack Strat Middle Pickup, and Seymour Duncan Jerry Donahue Bridge Pickup. This is the closest I've found.

A Complete Guide to Purchasing Your First Electric Guitar


Here's a guide for what you should look for when purchasing your first electric guitar.


Ernie Ball Junior Volume Pedal


Okay, this isn't actually on my rig but it would be if I didn't already have a perfectly good volume pedal. Get this one if you need one. It's great. Smooth action and well-weighted.

EarthQuaker Devices Organizer


This is my octave pedal. I did a full demo of it in the Green Room. I like its ease of use and straight forward control. It's unique enough to stand apart from other octave pedals but still handles everything you need it to.

Keeley Compressor Plus


Warm tone and the blend knob make this the go to for your rig.

Westminster Effects E89


This dual overdrive combines Westminster Effects' Edwards and 1689 overdrives. I love the variation of tones you can get with this pedal - everything from barely breaking to raging tube tone.

Strymon El Capistan Dtape Echo


This is as close to real tape delay as you're going to get in a digital package. With tap tempo and incredible adjustability it gives you everything you need in this type of an effect.

EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master V3 Delay and Reverb Pedal


You've seen me use this a ton in the lessons. The delay and reverb combo is perfect to my liking. My only issue is the lack of tap tempo though it's not a problem in the studio. Man, the tone on this thing...


Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III


I started with this before I moved to Vox. It's a great little tube amp at the right price. Amps are all about preference but this is a go-to for many guitarists I know. I just dig that Vox tone a little more.

Vox AC-30


I. LOVE. THIS. AMP. It's expensive. It's super heavy (75 lbs!). But the tone. Oh, the tone. You probably don't need one if you aren't touring or recording but I got it when I was younger and I'll never get rid of it. Check out the AC-15 (above) if you want something similar at a lighter weight and lower price point.

Amp Substitutes

Line 6 Pod HD500X


If your church has a good monitor system and you don't already own an amp and a bunch of pedals, this pedal is awesome. It has a ton of amp models and effects and it will keep your sound engineer happy with it's non-existent stage volume. Plus, no herniated discs carrying it around.

Boss GT-100 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal


The GT-100 Floor Amp and Effects pedal is a competitor with the Pod HD500X. It has a load of amps and effects. The dual-screen and knob interface on the actual pedal is easier to use than the Pod but the Pod programming software wins on the desktop. The biggest differentiator is tone. The Pod has a more realistic and dirtier amp tone while the Boss gives you a pristine, more digital-sounding tone. I personally prefer the POD for the same price but check out the demos and choose for yourself.


Seymour Duncan Jerry Donahue Bridge Pickup


My guitar was built by one of my students so you'll never be able to get the exact same thing, but if you are looking for the tone, the pickups are a big part of it. I'll put this pickup up against tele bridge pickup on the market. It's a little hotter and rounder that a standard tele and mixes great with the mini bucker I have in the neck position.

Seymour Duncan SM--3 Minibucker


I like a little warmer tone in the neck position but a humbucker can be a little overwhelming on a tele. This mini-bucker is just right and mixes perfectly with the Jerry Donahue bridge pickup.

Monster Cable


Cables do actually make a difference. You might not notice it on its own but put my Monster Cable next to a Whirlwind and you can hear the difference. Monsters are a little pricey but they back it up with their guarantee.

Everly Star Grip Picks


I love these little guys. They feel great and are perfect for both picking and strumming.



This isn't a necessity but it's a fun little tool to have in your bag of tricks. It's an electronic magnet that vibrates the string indefinitely. I first heard Stu G use it on "Obsession" but since then you can find it on a number of songs on the site. "How He Loves" comes to mind.


Tama Rhythm Watch


The RW200 is a programmable metronome with plenty of volume and easy to use dials and plenty of volume. Built specifically for drummers but a nice substitute for the DB-90 if you want to save some coin.

Pro Metronome for iPhone

App Store

Great metronome for iPhone. It's plenty customizable (pay a few bucks for the paid version) and has great rhythm trainer features. Phone apps use the phone's clock which isn't good for recording but works just fine for practicing. Try the free version and make sure it's what you want.

Pro Metronome for Android

Google Play

Phone apps use the phone's clock which isn't good for recording but works just fine for practicing. It's plenty customizable (pay a few bucks for the paid version) and has great rhythm trainer features.