The Greenroom

Mack Brock on Faith, Trust and Creativity

Podcast #142

Mack Brock joins the podcast to discuss faith, trust and finding creativity during a pandemic. Jason and Daniel will have you rolling with stories this week.

(Video) Bass Riff on Evidence

Changing it up from the original recording.

You don't always have to stick to the recording and in this post I'll show you an extra change for you to play with.

Vocal Instructors Chris and Joy Lockwood

Podcast #141

New Worship Artistry vocal instructors Chris an Joy Lockwood join the podcast to talk about how music brought them together, the benefits of practice and what it takes to be an authentic vocalist.

(Video) Better Sounding Piano Chords

How to make basic piano chords sound better

In this post, Worship Artistry keys instructor Ryan King shows you how to take your keyboard chord voicing to the next level. Grab your keyboard and play along.

Meet New Drum Instructor, Sidney Joseph

Podcast #140

Worship Artistry is excited to begin a new era with drum instructor, Sidney Joseph. There's more to the man than a rad accent. Learn what makes him tick, the things that make a drummer great and what you can work on to grow.

Change Is Good

New Faces and New Places

2020 was a tough year for all of us and the Worship Artistry team was no exception. Covid changed the landscape and two of our instructors were casualties. No, they didn't die (Thank God) but both drum instructor Josh Ward and Vocal instructor Shelby Rollins lives were changed enough that Worship Artistry was no longer a fit.

The Best Gear Demos on the Internet

Learn from the masters.

If you've watched any of my tone videos, you'll probably notice I tend to keep it pretty simple but over Christmas I found myself itching for a change and it sent me on a days long YouTube trip into some really informative guitar gear shows. These guys are both educational and entertaining so I thought I'd share my favorites.

Aaron Keyes on Worship Mentorship

Podcast #137

Aaron Keyes of Mere Worship joins the podcast to discuss the importance of a leader's character and confidence and what it takes to develop it.

Kari Jobe on Timing and Vision

Podcast #136

Kari Jobe joins the Worship Artistry podcast to discuss the worldwide impact of her song "The Blessing", the beauty of releasing control, trusting God's timing and working with a team to achieve a vision. 

Song Ideas for Christmas Worship Sets

Find Some Inspiration

Building Christmas worship sets is one of my least favorite parts of the holidays. The jaunty uptempo vibe often doesn’t match the rest of the service. Do you go with waiting themes for Advent or jump right into the Christmas tunes? Do you just fully commit to Christmas and abandon the normal set? Do you mash them together with awkward transitions?

How To Never Drop Your Pick Again


Guitar players of all different levels can struggle with picks flying out of their hands like plates at a Greek wedding. If you struggle with dropping your guitar pick or having it spin in your fingers, I’m here to save the day.

Orphan No More

Podcast #134

British artist collective Orphan No More joins the Worship Artistry Podcast to talk about the cost of community, worshipping through grief and the joy of singing together. Jason and Daniel discuss the students that drive them crazy. 

Ten Great Thanksgiving Themed Worship Songs

Grace and Gratitude

What’s the best part of halloween being over? Getting ready for Thanksgiving, of course! Sure there’s the turkey, stuffing and football, but the best part is the intentional time of gratitude. Here our favorite worship tunes to bring your heart in line with the season.

Brian Wahl on Getting That Sweet Tone

Podcast #133

Worship Tutorials founder and tone junkie Brian Wahl joins the Worship Artistry Podcast  to talk Helix, AXE-FX, Kemper, Impulse Responses (IRs) and both their advantages and disadvantages. If you've had any questions in this department, he's got answers and this is a must listen.

Season Kick Off with I Am They

Podcast #132

We kick off this Worship Artistry Podcast season with a group interview with I AM THEY digging into what it's like to be worship musicians in a town full of worship musicians, the necessity of the local church and the incredible story behind their song Faithful God. Well worth a listen. In Member Mail, Jason and Daniel answer questions on worship song longevity and what makes a real bass player. 

4 Steps To Memorizing Your Music

We don't need no stinking charts!

I have a love/hate relationship charts. I love them because they make it possible for volunteer worship musicians with full-time job and family commitments to hang with the band on Sundays. Awesome. I hate them because they steal the joy of playing freely and confidently because once you’re stuck to one you can’t escape it. Not awesome.

Picked Apart

Faithful Now by Vertical Worship

Introducing the new Picked Apart series. Get a first hand look at Jason's first critical listen through Faithful Now by Vertical Worship and get tips on arrangement, theory and more.

How To Speak Musician

Talk the talk

We’ve all got different backgrounds in music. Yours is probably different than others' on your worship team and sometimes practices can start feeling like the tower of Babel. Here are some ways to start speaking the same language.

How To Beat The Sunday Butterflies

Don't let nerves ruin your worship set

One of our members wrote this week to share his all-too-familiar Sunday screw up story. After nailing a song in rehearsal, the moment came in the service for him to launch into the intro and he crashed...hard. What happened? He knew the song and rehearsed it well, but his nerves still go the best of him. How do you get beyond the butterflies?

A Few Of My Favorite Chords

A little spice for your guitar life

There are some chords I just love to use. They are not always appropriate but it’s so satisfying when I can squeeze one in. In this post I’m going to show you a few of my favorites and some of the chords they match well with.